How To Stay Positive (And Not Cry) When Things Ah... Don't Exactly Go As Planned

So 2020 can get in the bin as far as I'm concerned because this year has served up some serious lemons and I'm not in the mood to make lemonade.

At the risk of sounding cliche, they weren't wrong when they said life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and no matter how hard we might try to meticulously plan everything, we're going to cop a body blow we didn't see coming from time to time.

You know, like, a global pandemic, murder hornets and -- ahh -- hundreds of thousands of job losses (me included). Whelp.

So, I'm a Taurus. If you don't know anything about astrology, that means when something doesn't quite go to plan, we're not the zodiac known for taking it well.

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Humans are habitual beings. We live for routine.

We like to see ourselves as a free-willed, self-governing species but that is a total crock of sh*t and you know it.

During these unprecedented (sorry) times, thoughts such as "how the hell will I get through this?" or "when will this be over?" will creep in, and rarely are we thinking rationally.

But it's not all doom and gloom.

Now more than ever we need to find an internal reserve of energy and hope to make it through. In other words, you need to tap into your resilience or your stash of spirits -- and I'm not talking about your human spirit.

*pours vodka*



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We all know how tricky it can be to nail the perfect 'interview outfit', but what about its haggard little cousin -- the outerview outfit'?

There are a few things that can help you prepare for, or deal with, the unexpected.

Be Your Version Of 'Tough'

The definition of resilience is 'the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.' In other words, resilience looks different for each of us.

For some, it may look like smashing out 15 job applications before running a half marathon and making almond milk from scratch (f*ck those guys).

For others it looks like a cheap bottle of red, a box of pizza shapes, and a Netflix marathon.

Both are okay but honestly, if you fall into the former category, you can join 2020 in the dumpster.

Remain Realistic

Live a life that prepares you for the unexpected and always remain realistic.

The challenge you face now is simply part of your story, so embrace those difficult times. Overcoming the unexpected will pay off in the long run, even if you can't quite visualise* it right now.

*Wine will help with the 'visualising'.

Feel All The Feels

Let's assume you're feeling a lot of stuff emotionally right now.

Don't repress any of those feelings -- even if you have no idea why you're feeling them. Invest in that boxing bag, buy the dress you want, eat the cake. I cannot stress this enough -- eat the cake.

Eat the damn cake. Image: Getty

You could consider writing those feelings down, you could also scream to the high heavens. Both work a treat.

Take Your Time

Stress can seriously cloud our vision and halt our ability to plan for the future.

People will tell you to get back on the horse but you probably don't yet have a saddle and you're not willing to ride bareback.

It's okay to wait until you're ready, and instead pray, like I am, that it all comes out in the wash.

This is a satirical piece. If you are facing a difficult time, it is important to make sure you look after yourself and reach out to get the support you need.

If you need help and advice, call 1800Respect on 1800 737 732, or Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Featured image: Instagram/nocontextKathandKim