Our Leaders’ Handling Of The Coronavirus, Ranked

Here in Australia and across the globe the fortunes and popularity ratings of leaders have risen and fallen as this crisis unfolds.

Real leaders are being revealed and others, whose handling of the COVID-19 crisis has left something to be desired, will likely pay a heavy price.

Given the scale and unpredictability of the pandemic, the abilities of our political, societal and community leaders has been tested. Some have acted swiftly and decisively and met the challenge. Others have underestimated the risks and have either underplayed or mis-read the threat to public health. Those who have excelled have managed to instil confidence by communicating clearly and by being firm, fair, and compassionate.

Now as states and territories unwind COVID-19 social distancing and isolation measures and the number of new infections slows to a trickle in most states (and some countries), I’ve rated the performance of our leaders’ handling of our country’s -- and the world’s -- biggest challenge since the Second World War.

Jacinda Ardern

The prime minister of New Zealand's star continues to rise. She is the best of the world’s leaders right now.

Score: AAA+



New Zealand To Ease Restrictions After 'Eliminating' Community Transmission Of Coronavirus

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand has 'won the battle' against community transmission of the coronavirus.

Scott Morrison

The prime minister of Australia was going downhill fast after the bushfire debacle but is now back in the game bigger and better than ever with his handling of this crisis.

Score: A+

Anthony Morris


Scott Morrison Has Learned How To Listen And That’s Saved Us All

I never thought I’d say this, but Scott Morrison is doing a good job as PM.

Daniel Andrews

The premier of Victoria has been taking a harder line to opening up at this stage compared to other state leaders. Probably a good move, given the possibility of a 2nd wave.

Score: A

Greg Hunt

Other than being blindsided by a Chinese diplomat sent to hijack a press conference, the federal health minister has done a good job. He’s overseen the readiness, preparations, and execution of widespread testing for the virus and now the results speak for themselves. The recent mental health funding boost was another good initiative.

Score: A-



'A Cause For Real Hope': Greg Hunt Officially Confirms Australia Is Flattening The Curve

Australians have successfully followed instructions and stayed home, with the coronavirus "curve" now officially flattening, health minister Greg Hunt said.

Peter Gutwein

New to the role just before this crisis, the premier of Tasmania has done a generally solid job. Not making waves, which is a good thing in this environment.

Score: B+

Steven Marshall

The premier of South Australia has largely been toeing the line with the national cabinet but he's allowed his chief medical officer to dictate the rules regarding AFL restarting. Doing a fair job.

Score: B



There Have Been No New Coronavirus Cases In South Australia For Two Weeks

South Australia has achieved what has seemed like the impossible since the pandemic started, officially recording two straight weeks without a single new case of coronavirus.

Annastacia Palaszczuk

The premier of Queensland is protecting Queenslanders as only Queenslanders will do. Not the best time to be buying an airline (she's interested in Virgin Australia) given the state's already high debt.

Score: B-

Gladys Berejiklian

The premier of New South Wales has communicated well and tailored the response to suit her constituents. The Ruby Princess debacle has let her down badly though. Prepared to be flexible, she's changed restrictions on pubs and clubs.

Score: B-

The Project


Gladys Berejiklian Reveals What She's Most Concerned About As Restrictions Ease

While coronavirus restrictions have begun easing around the country, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she's still concerned about the impact a second wave of the virus could have on people's health and the economy.

Anthony Albanese

The federal opposition leader has largely been unseen and unheard and must be scratching his head about the Liberals doubling welfare payments, saying to himself, 'Hang on, that’s our job!'

Score: C-

Mark McGowan

The premier of Western Australia has clearly been acting to serve WA with his close support of China and its role in the pandemic. He's upset many in the AFL with his insistence on a player 14-day quarantine if a match is played in WA. He's also upset the eastern states with his assertion that WA carries the economy. Can be wishy-washy with decisions and intent but has sky-high ratings in WA.

Score: C-



Western Australia To Close Its Borders Completely From Sunday

Western Australia will soon be an "island within an island" as the government moves to implement a hard border closure to manage the spread of coronavirus.

Boris Johnson

The UK prime minister has been all over the shop with strategy and failed to close the borders soon enough. He also managed to catch the virus after bragging he had shaken hands with COVID-19 patients and almost didn’t make it.

Score: D

NRL and AFL footballers who have broken social distancing rules

You’re not special and don’t have your own set of rules. I’m sick of these guys getting a slap on the wrist and saying they’re sorry. Take some responsibility, show some leadership, stop letting your mates, the fans and the public down.

Score: F-

Donald Trump

The president of the United States really lost the plot and it may cost him the presidency in November. He was creating jobs and fixing the economy but has floundered when dealing with this crisis, resulting in the highest COVID-19 infection and death numbers in the world. Shooting from the hip doesn't work in a crisis. All the false information, misleading directions, hubris and blowhard advice is making him appear to be the fool that he probably is, and Americans can now see that he is off the rails.

Score: FFF---

Featured Image: Getty / AAP