How 'Ambulance Australia' Is Keeping Me Sane During The Coronavirus Crisis

Last week, I started watching 'Ambulance Australia'.

After seeing that ad where the paramedic was like “Go back in the car! There’s something in her hand!” like 400 times while watching Australian Survivor, and bored from a week of staying home trying to protect my chronically-ill self from getting coronavirus, curiosity finally got the better of me. I needed to know what was in her hand.

"I’ll just watch that part," I thought to myself.

Now, it’s a week later, I’ve watched every single episode, and I’m about to start watching Ambulance UK, because it’s my new favourite show.

See, when times are stressful in my life -- and I’ll be real, they often are when you have endometriosis, fibromyalgia, PMDD and other mental health issues -- I find life-or-death television soothing. This is also why I’ve watched every single episode of Intervention I’ve ever been able to get my thoroughly sanitised hands on.



The Heartbreaking Ambulance Australia Story That 'Hit Home' For Lisa Wilkinson

For the past three seasons of 'Ambulance Australia', Lisa Wilkinson's calm voice has walked audiences through some of the most raw and emotional moments ever faced by frontline paramedics.

There’s something about seeing people during the absolute worst moments of their lives that offers me a sense of perspective, and I love seeing people come through those terrible moments and out the other side.

While Ambulance Australia has a far wider scope than Intervention, the emotional pay off is similar, and if you’re having a tough time coping with the relentless coronavirus news cycle at the moment, I would highly recommend joining me on this bingeworthy journey as you social distance.

Here are just a few of the reasons I’d recommend it...

There are good, truly selfless people in this world

Ambulance Australia is the kind of reality television we should have more of. Rather than following rich, narcissistic sociopaths (although I gotta say, I do also love many of those shows), this show shines the spotlight on under-appreciated and truly good people in this world.

They work long hours that are often incredibly stressful as they work to get the necessary information from panicked callers, to pass that info along to the paramedics so that they have the best idea of what’s going on, and to assist the caller over the phone in the meantime.

Once the paramedics are on the scene, you see patients from all walks of life treated with kindness and empathy, regardless of how the patient may be treating them, or what they may have done in order to need an ambulance.



Mum In Heartbreaking Ambulance Australia Episode Has Died In Palliative Care

Sadly Maria, the elderly woman whose emotional move to palliative care was the subject of tonight's episode of Ambulance Australia, has died.

There are many heartwarming moments

Some of the best scenes in the show aren’t the moments of high pressure, life or death situations. Rather, they are the tender moments of a surprise labour resulting in the delivery of a healthy baby, or paramedics showing empathy and kindness to a person who’s clearly struggling, getting them to a point where the patient not only calms down, but is able to have a laugh and a chat as they’re treated.

The drama of teenagers who just got too drunk is a nice distraction

There’s a lot of high drama that comes with a show like this, but it’s not all so emotionally fraught. Scenes of some poor kid who had 10 drinks too many at their own 18th or 21st birthday party are the kind of low stakes shenanigans that can both distract you from the world and make you happy to be social distancing away from everyone.



Ambulance Australia’s Pregnant Paramedic Patia Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Patia Delaney, the Queensland Ambulance paramedic who was front and centre in a nail-biting medical emergency that saw her attend a multi-person stabbing, has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Some of the cases are truly wild

Last week a dude copped a javelin to the GROIN. There are all kinds of cases across the seasons that will make you gasp or straight up ask out loud: “HOW?!”

You get a sense of what other people struggle with everyday

At times like this when everything is so chaotic and we’re all trying to protect ourselves and our closest loved ones, this show is a good reminder that there are people out there who have it much tougher than you or me, which is an important perspective to keep. It’s also a reminder of the incredible, selfless work that our paramedics do everyday, which can and should be carried over into our entire healthcare community as coronavirus continues to spread across the country.

The season finale of Ambulance Australia airs Thursday, March 26 at 7.30pm on 10. Want to catch up? Season 3 is available to stream for free on 10 Play, and over on 10 All Access you can watch episodes ad free.