Panic At The Disco: Why Virtual Partying Is Surprisingly Fun

Dancing in the lounge room while the DJ on our screen yelled "COVID-19, we're in this together!" was a mix of joy and absurdity in a time marked by so much confusion and anxiety.

Among the five of us gathered for the event, we had either been working from home, or had our shifts cut with no guarantee of more work. We were starting to go stir-crazy, and with the benefit of living within walking distance of each other, we decided to hit the club... at home.

Dancing in front of the TV playing music with a few friends is by no means revolutionary, however dancing to a live-streamed DJ set and knowing that hundreds of others were doing the same was a different, and surprisingly heartening experience.

Room 2 Radio is "the dreamchild of three passionate Sydney party goers aiming to bring the club to you."

The official event description shared on social media says, "If you don’t want to party alone, invite a few friends over for the night, but remember – be responsible! These are uncharted times, and although it might be weird to party at home in front of your TV, know that potentially, hundreds or thousands of people are doing the same thing."

The live stream started at 8pm on Friday and could be watched on either Facebook or Twitch. 1.3k people responded to the Event page, and the Facebook livestream currently has 18k views.

But don't worry, if you didn't get a chance to stream it live, you can simply watch the stream again on the Room 2 Radio Facebook page, through the magic of the internet

We all managed to keep two metres apart in an open plan living space. With no line for the bathroom, reasonably priced alcohol, and no physical contact, it's hard to think of many cons of the 'online nightclub' experience. And the best bit? Optional footwear.

Although it feels impossible to predict when our lives might regain some feeling of normality, online discos should remain a regular occurrence in our live.

Feature Image: Room 2 Radio / Facebook