Harry And Meghan Have Finally Learned What George Michael Knew In 1990

Megxit -- the renouncing of titles and taxpayer funds -- is, at its core, a privileged thing to do.

This is pretty much the statement the Sussexes have made by their decision:

'What up, peeps? (See, we are just like you.)

'Whilst the entire British class system is predicated on one’s proximity to the Queen, and it barely gets better than Harry’s position, we’ve decided we don’t need it anymore.

'You see, we both have millions of dollars to our names, so yeah, we don’t need money from the public, especially as we have better things to do than save receipts in shoe boxes for which taps we chose in the guest bathroom.

'That’s why we’re repaying the reno money spent on Frogmore Cottage; so you can all stop being so judgey pants.



'No Other Option': Prince Harry Breaks His Silence On Megxit

Prince Harry has said he had “no other option” but to stand down from royal duties, during a speech at a private charity dinner on Sunday night.

'And also, Harry’s mum gave up her HRH title and still was the most famous woman in the world, so we don’t really need those either.

“We’re sorry if this is a slap in the face of all the world holds sacred: status, money and an infatuation with an antiquated hierarchical system.

“But also, we don’t care. You treated us like crap, and now we’re taking Archie away from you because this is no bloody way to live. Ciao for now. #yolo #solo.”


No wonder haters such as Piers Morgan -- who called for Meghan to “go back to America” -- have been outraged by Megxit (which really should be Hegxit). They thought bullying Meghan into submission would make her be more like the beloved Kate, who plays her part perfectly.

They never anticipated that their bullying would eventually make the couple decide to perform only limited duties for the Queen, and spend the majority of their time in Canada and the United States. They wanted Meghan to become more ‘royal’; not for the couple to quit.

Meghan and Harry in London after their visit to Canada House, January 7. (Image: Getty)

It’s a tactic that’s backfired spectacularly, and instead of getting their way, they’ve pushed the Sussexes so far that they are gagging for freedom and peace in another country.

I won’t call it seeking asylum… but they’re definitely seeking a break.

It’s clear that the ugly scrutiny the couple has suffered since they married almost two years ago has been unbearable for them. From flying privately for safety (or just because they can), to not showing off Archie, to refusing to meet Donald Trump who has openly sledged Meghan, they’ve attracted relentless criticism.



Prince Harry And Meghan Will Lose Royal Titles, Access To Public Funds

Prince Harry and Meghan will no longer use the titles 'royal highness' or receive public funds under a deal struck for them to step aside as senior royals, Buckingham Palace has said.



Meghan And Harry's Frogmore Cottage Staff Have Been 'Let Go'

Two permanent employees of Frogmore Cottage are believed to have been moved along in the wake of Harry and Meghan's plans to move to Canada.

The Sussexes feel grossly wrongly done by -- and rightfully so. How many times must they have read a cruel headline and thought, “WTF? We don't need this”?

Hundreds of times. From media all over the world.

Royal super fan John Loughery holds a copy of a British newspaper outside of Buckingham Palace in London on January 9. (Image: Getty)

Meghan admitted in her ITV African documentary she knew attitudes to her “wouldn’t be easy, but I thought they would be fair.”

At a private charity dinner last night, Harry also said, "This role has taught me more about what is right and just than I could have ever imagined.”

It absolutely has not been right. The couple’s privacy has been constantly broken, their motives and decisions incessantly questioned; all in the apparent name of them being public property.

Hegxit will provide relief from all that.

What we’re now going to see is Meghan returning to the woman she once was; a women’s rights advocate, free to now speak on political issues. A woman accustomed to making her own money, and charting her own career.

Nama Winston


At Least The Queen Sees What We're All Missing In #Megxit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are just two people, standing in front of the world, asking us to support their marriage.



Queen Gives Blessing For Harry And Meghan To 'Create New Lives' In Canada

Queen Elizabeth has given her blessing to her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s wish for a more independent future after an urgent meeting on Monday to resolve the rift in the British royal family.

We’re also going to see Harry become the man he never thought he’d be. The man, as he revealed at the dinner last night, he’s been given “no other option” but to become.

The Duke referenced that he’s walking away from the only life he’s ever known. And while, yes, he’s doing so from a very privileged position, it’s still an extremely brave, and historically rare, thing to do.

Not being defined by simply his place in line to the throne -- having a chance to be a man, not an HRH, will give Harry a small taste of the real world, and he’ll be better for it. He will see what he can offer the world as a person, rather than as someone who’s valued for how they were born.

Yes, there will still be fancy clothes, dinners, holidays -- self-funded. Yes, there will still be criticism. But also, a chance to take control of an out-of-control situation. To the Sussexes, any royal sacrifices will be worth the personal gains. If the price to pay for freedom and peace is giving up status and privilege that money can’t buy, so be it.



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I reckon most of us would do the same in their position. They’re going to love it.

*Cue George Michael’s "Freedom!"

But today the way I play the game has got to change, oh yeah

Now I'm gonna get myself happy

I think there's something you should know

I think it's time I stopped the show

There's something deep inside of me

There's someone I forgot to be…