At Least The Queen Sees What We're All Missing In #Megxit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are just two people, standing in front of the world, asking us to support their marriage.

That’s something we’ve completely forgotten in the fallout from ‘Megxit’. The couple’s desire to be “financially independent”, and split their time with Canada, is simply an attempt by two people, from vastly different backgrounds, to make their union work.

It’s just part of their love story. Our cold hearts have lost sight of that, so here’s a reminder.



Queen Gives Blessing For Harry And Meghan To 'Create New Lives' In Canada

Queen Elizabeth has given her blessing to her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s wish for a more independent future after an urgent meeting on Monday to resolve the rift in the British royal family.

Once upon a time, an American woman met an Englishman and fell in love.

The world had been waiting years for the man -- Harry, son of one of the most beloved women in the world and the future King of England -- to find his happily ever after.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in November 2017. (Image: Getty)

They had been waiting because the prince had been cruelly robbed of his mother at the tender age of 12, and had spiralled emotionally throughout much of his adolescence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, the American woman, Meghan, had forged a successful career in acting, and become an outspoken advocate for women. Having been raised by an incredible single mum, she had been determined to make as much of her life as possible.

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Nothing would stop Meghan. Before her big acting break, she drove a "beat-up, hand-me-down" car, and to attend auditions, she had to climb in through the boot to reach the driver's seat because the doors wouldn’t open.

She was also no stranger to not fitting in. Having parents from different backgrounds, and thus being biracial, Meghan would speak about how difficult it was to ‘tick a box’ on a form when asked about her ethnicity.

But she also had a ready solution, because she’s no complainer; she would just draw her own box.

Having been raised by an incredible single mum, Meghan was determined to make as much of her life as possible. (Image: Getty)

Over in England, Harry was enjoying immense wealth and privilege. Or, so he should have been. But knowing he was a royal, with only a slight chance of ever being king (and thus having fewer expectations on him to make anything out of himself), and without the guidance of his mother, Harry floundered.

But things were about to change.

Harry met Meghan in the British summer of 2016. Love blossomed, much like the leaves on some romantic tree whose name I can’t think of right now.



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The world was thrilled. Finally, Harry was doing the only thing in life worth doing: bedding someone hot and worthwhile.

But it soon became apparent this would be much more than some summer lovin’; the pair planned to wed.

And so they did, in a modest ceremony which reportedly cost only tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. But, as many agreed at the time, it was #worthit.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex leave from the West Door of St George's Chapel. (Image: Getty)

The madly-in-love couple’s plan was to live happily ever after, but the British tabloids had another idea. They would make money by bullying the new Duchess with cruel headlines and giving air to hateful haters.

Nonsense notions such as ‘she’s tainting the royal seed’, and ‘she should go back to America’ were given breath by the press.



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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shocked the world by announcing they would be 'stepping back' from their royal duties.

Undeterred, the couple did what all married couples are meant to do, according to the laws of the world: conceive a child.

It was then that Meghan and Harry made a fatal mistake; they refused to share the baby with everyone. They made it clear that the only people the baby belonged to were his parents. It was a strange concept, and precisely no one liked it.

The baby shower was secretive -- and in New York. *clasps pearls*

Meghan heading to a New York City hotel,  her 'secretive' baby shower venue. (Image: Getty)

Photos of Archie metered out like bread crumbs. The Christening was not a public photo opportunity for a world obsessed with royal infants.

These were all crimes that were perceived as being committed by only Meghan, of course; not “our Harry”, as the media referred to him.



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Meghan holding her son Archie. (Image: Getty)

Meghan took the blame for everything; the renovation at Frogmore cottage, the international holidays that were the single cause of climate change.

Perhaps the nasty headlines about Meghan were a way to help Harry see the error of his ways. Instead, they drew out the loyalty and integrity in him, and he doubled-down on backing his wife, and his life with her.



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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left millions reeling after announcing they would take a step back from royal life and begin living periodically in North America.

Amid the tabloid headlines, Harry has double-downed on backing his wife. (Image: Getty)

That’s what happens when a man loves a woman.

Isn’t that what we wanted for Harry?

The Sussexes have finally had enough of the world crapping on their union. This is not the fairy tale ending either of them had envisaged. So they’re taking their power back. Which is why ‘Megxit’ is simply about two people, from completely different worlds, trying to make a marriage work.

The Queen’s just announced that she’s supporting them in doing that. So should we.

The end.