Incredible New Smart Tech That Will Change The Way You Live

Every year the tech world converges on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.

It's the largest show of its kind on the planet, with thousands of vendors showcasing their latest products for the year and beyond.

This year, if it isn’t “smart”, it belongs in 2019. We’re talking more to things, they’re becoming smarter and they’re now talking amongst themselves and taking control so that we don’t need to.

In some ways it makes what we used to do irrelevant, but for anyone growing up today, there are numerous things they just won’t need to learn anymore.

Here's the latest smart tech on show.



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Whirlpool Oven

If you’re regularly burning the Sunday roast or just have no clue how long a turkey should spend in the oven, nor the temperature settings, this oven is for you. With no visible dials to adjust settings, this oven has a touch screen with a menu system to simply select the roast of your choice. Alternatively you can adjust the oven using your voice, or with an app on your smartphone.

Further, that frozen pizza at the grocery store can be scanned and the cooking instructions immediately sent to the oven so it is preheating before you even get home. A small temperature needle inserted into your Christmas turkey will also tell the oven when your dish is ready and will stop the oven automatically to avoid over-cooking. We no longer need to know whether our roast is ready -- our oven will tell us.

No need to be a MasterChef -- this oven will do all the work for you. (Image: Supplied)

Samsung Family Hub

The smart fridge from Samsung is not a new invention, as the company enters its third iteration of the product. Each year the humble fridge is getting smarter, with changes aimed at making everyday tasks automated. This year the new Family Hub uses the cameras inside the door to identify the items in your fridge, using artificial intelligence. The fridge is then able to suggest meal plans for the week based on what is inside, curate shopping lists and even order your groceries from the fridge itself.

If you are watching a movie or sport on your TV and don’t want to miss a thing, you could see the coverage on your fridge door whether you’re cooking or just grabbing a drink. The 22-inch touch screen display on the door also provides access to the smart home for checking who is knocking on the front door or whether the lights are on in the bedroom upstairs. 

The fridge can suggest meal plans for the week based on what's inside, after scoping out your groceries with an internal camera. (Image: Supplied)

Geoff Quattromani


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LG Washer and Dryer

Washing the clothes or using the dryer can be a game of Russian Roulette to make sure you have the settings correct. Cold or hot wash, spin, rinse? We’re forever looking at tags for advice and calling our parents for tips on how to safely wash cashmere.

The new LG washer detects the items inserted, selects the correct settings automatically and, based on the weight, will also add the correct amount of detergent. The LG washer has a large storage of detergent so you don’t need to guess amounts each time, it’ll do that for you and notify you when to top it up or when you need to order more. Once the washer has completed the load, it will tell the dryer what items to expect to ensure the dryer treats the garments as intended. Yes, these two appliances talk to one another.

Forget ringing Dad for laundry advice -- this washer/dryer knows how to handle your delicates. (Image: Supplied)



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Moen Faucet

Walk into your kitchen and ask Google or Amazon Alexa for “200ml of water at 80 degrees”, place your bottle under the faucet and have it delivered. This is what the Moen Faucet allows. A smart kitchen sink is ready to fill your water bottle precisely, prepare your baby bottle to perfect temperatures and make the measuring jug redundant. This is excellent for when you’re hands aren’t free, or they’re dirty and you need to keep making progress.

Further, if you’re following a recipe through a Google or Amazon product, the command can be sent automatically -- the faucet will wait for you to simply place a container underneath the tap. 

The faucet makes a measuring cup obsolete. (Image: Supplied)

The future of Uber

Eventually we leave the house, and we’ve been able to catch an Uber for some time. In 2020 we are moving to a world where public transport is part of the Uber app. This means you could plan to go from home to work and assess the costs and time duration of using an Uber X or public transport, or a combination of both. All of this can be managed in the app, so that when you jump off the train, an Uber X is waiting for you for that last mile.

Further, in 2023 Uber and Hyundai have announced a partnership to bring Uber Air to Melbourne. Uber Air will bring a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) able to carry four passengers to manage commutes by flight, between Melbourne city and the airport. Initially with a pilot on board, we will later see this become entirely autonomous. 

Hyundai and Uber's all-electric full-scale electric air taxi. (Image: Getty)

Geoff Quattromani


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The rise of smart technology in 2020 is going to be the centrepoint of the consumer tech industry. We can easily regard much of it as laziness, or we can accept that the “skills” it replaces were not really treasured in the first place. Where efficiency can be provided we should embrace it. Our kids may not know the specific cooking instructions of a lamb shoulder, but if the meal is cooked to perfection, should we be upset about it?

Geoff Quattromani is a technology commentator and travelled to CES in Las Vegas as a guest of Jabra, HERE Technologies, LG and Uber. Continue the conversation on Twitter @GQuattromani