Mums Should Be Taking 'Moolies' Every Year, All Year Round

Nearly 20 years ago I decided to forgo my own Schoolies.

I instead chose to work and save money for my move to the big smoke and the university year ahead.

After about six months into my course, I regretted it (greatly). So one year later my best friend and I decided to make up for our missed rite of passage and embark on an adventure to Surfers Paradise and do what Schoolies do: Party.

Unfortunately for us, this particular week just so happened to coincide with the actual NSW Schoolies and thus we became desperately uncool ‘Toolies’. I would not recommend it.

At the time, it seemed the art of celebrating would permanently elude me but now, two decades on, I have decided that is going to change.

You see, I have managed to keep two kids alive for seven and five years respectively, so this mumma has earned a celebration. And there is no way in hell that I am waiting another 11 years for the first of my children to finish school to do it.

Yep, I’m locking in a moolies trip. ASAP.

Mums should take moolies as often as possible. (Image: STX Entertainment)

Moolies, for those in the dark, is essentially like Schoolies but for mums. As the recent school leavers finish their exams and go off to party, so do their mothers.

It makes perfect sense because after the unwavering support, care and mental load that is involved In mothering a child through school, they well and truly deserve some time away to unwind.

But helping a child through Year 12 isn't the only stressful time in a mother's life.

What about wiping bottoms for years?

What about unwillingly taking part in the game of musical beds as your child works through wonder weeks/years, growth spurts, bad dreams, a cold or the fear or lurking monsters underneath the bed?

What about coping with the lack of sleep that makes you question your sanity and eliminates any elasticity that ever existed around your eyes?

There's a lot more to celebrate than just the completion of Year 12. (Image: STX Entertainment)

If moolies are the answer to destressing, , I say to all mothers of all ages: let's pack our bags.

And you know what? Bugger just doing it once. Let’s take moolies every year, all year round!

Because we deserve it.

But if you can't manage that level of partying, here are five times  moolies should be mandatory…


For getting through the festive season with the high level of creativity and imagination expected from our children.

For the Christmas presents bought, wrapped and delivered, not only for our kids but everyone else's as well (because let’s face it, who else is doing this?). And for the preparation of Christmas feasts that you always thought just magically appeared. (FYI - they did not.)

Summer School Holidays

For making it through the loooong summer days and nights without the school routine and extracurricular activities that help mothers keep their children educated and entertained. They also tire them out by the end of the day, ensuring a full night’s sleep. For all of us.

Nothing says 'I'm a mum worth celebrating' than drinking on an escalator. (Image: STX Entertainment)

Book Week

For the planning, creating and execution of the perfect Book Week costume that has now become the expectation of both schools and kids alike. As a mum with zero textiles skills (I can't sew on a button), this is stressful.

Kids' Birthdays

For throwing your child a birthday party and all that it entails -- MC duties, party games like Pass the Parcel, which must now involve a layer of paper for every attendee and a prize for every child.

And then there is the whole matter of food allergies, which is a minefield you're expected to navigate.

My favourite, though, Is the small talk between parents. The awkward interaction where you pretend to remember their names, jobs and run out of things to ask or talk about within about one minute of their arrival.

Our Birthdays and Mother’s Day

For the days that are meant to be about us.

So, sorry (not sorry) to tell you, no, we don’t really want more handcrafted goods. As cute as the first hundred were, our shelves are now full.

Instead we will take a moolie week away with our mum friends, ideally somewhere warm. Together we will ‘cheers’ these worthy accomplishments as well as the many others not listed above. Because we deserve it.