Lisa Wilkinson: The Major Change I Noticed When I Reconnected With Kim Kardashian

They’re possibly the most talked about family in the world, and conversations about them, their influence, and their actual relevance always divides opinion.

They’re stalked by the paparazzi, and their every public appearance always creates headlines.

(No, not the British Windsors, although all of the above does still apply -- right now more than ever thanks to Prince Andrew.)

Lisa Wilkinson


Lisa Wilkinson: The Biggest Mistake Prince Andrew Made During His Epstein Interview

In the history of PR catastrophes, this one will forever more be known as “doing an Andrew”.

I’m talking about America’s OWN “royal family”, the Kardashians. And more particularly, that family’s longtime Queen, Kim.

Two weeks ago I was invited to sit down with the most famous of the Kardashians in Los Angeles on the set of her very latest project. And when you see what that project is, I think even Kim’s biggest detractors will smile.

Kim sits down with Lisa in a candid interview at a hotel in L.A. Image: The Sunday Project.

It’s the third time I’ve interviewed Kim. The last time was around six years ago in New York, just as she returned from her well-documented honeymoon with basketballer Kris Humphries.

Their wedding that ran over multiple episodes of the family's reality TV show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' and was ratings gold, but the marriage famously went on to last just 72 days.

In the years since, much has happened to Kim, all of it, as always, captured on KUWTK: marriage to husband number three, rapper/fashion designer/preacher/political hopeful Kanye West, the births of four children, a Paris robbery at gunpoint, and a beauty and fashion empire that appears to be a licence to print money.

The Project


Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Clashes With Kanye In Vulnerable Interview With Lisa Wilkinson

Social media and reality television behemoth Kim Kardashian West talks about her marriage to Kanye West in a candid interview with Sunday Project's Lisa Wilkinson.

But today’s Kim has shifted her priorities. This is a woman who is now passionately campaigning for prison reform in the US, spending 16 hours a week on her law studies, and looking to use some of that infamous influence she has, for good.

She knows she can change lives through her connections with the White House and there’s now a total of 34 people who are free due to Kim’s direct involvement.

How on earth does she choose which cases to take on? And how does she fit it all in? What does she think of Kanye’s talk of a run for the White House? What was behind the fight they had over her infamous Met Gala dress this year? Does she have any advice for Meghan and Harry on how to deal with all the bad headlines? What effect does she think the Kardashian brand is having on young women?

Her mother always described Kim as her favourite daughter...until Kylie became a billionaire. So, does Kim have a favourite sister? Surprisingly, she does.

Does she keep score on how many followers she has on social media? Her answer to that was one I definitely didn’t see coming!



Kim Kardashian Is Studying To Become A Lawyer

Reality star, makeup mogul and... lawyer?

And why the heck were there 150 people on set that day in that quiet Los Angeles street when we spoke? The answer is hilarious. And it is pure Aussie genius!