I've Watched This 'Star Wars' Trailer 33 Times And I. Have. QUESTIONS

This is it. The last full trailer for 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'.

This is what we’ve been waiting for. What we’ve been dreaming of. And, frankly, it’s just the best. It was everything we could have hoped for. The acting, the sound design… it’s all so perfect.

I mean, who needs the movie when you can have these exciting trailers? I seriously got goosebumps when Chewbacca... kind of just stood there. And is that my old pal R2-D2? More of that please. And what about the other characters? They were there too.

There’s so much to be excited about but, even after watching it 33 times, there are also questions. Serious questions.

(If you were involved in the production in any way please DM me with some answers because I am going to lose it!)

Okay here we go:

Whoa. Is this the Dagobah system? Where’s Yoda?! I am excited!
That’s Rey! Do I have that right? Rey? Does she have a new lightsaber? What’s that on her wrist? Is this her new exercise routine? I am loving all of this so far!!!
Is that Jar Jar Binks in the background? There. By the ferns. Jesus, if this movie’s got Jar Jar in it...
Is it true that Rian Johnson borrowed shots from Water World and just digitally removed Kevin Costner? Um... #DontRemoveCostner
Hello. It’s Kylo Ren. Am I spelling that right? Feels weird. Rylo Ken?
Is THIS the Dagobah System? Does anyone else miss Yoda? That was a character, right? The little green guy? There are so many of these movies!
Was that Orlando Bloom doing the voice over for this chilling shot? 
What happens if you press some of those buttons back there? Anything?
I love it, but why did they give C-3PO robot hair? That’s what that is, right? Or is it just wires? I am freaking out about this movie trailer!
Wait, which Christmas is this coming out?
What the hell is Billy Dee Williams laughing at?
Did this movie just become Seabiscuit all of a sudden? Because I am HERE FOR IT.
What are they smashing? Is it a Confederate Army statue? Weird, but topical. I like it.
How can anybody see anything in all that freakin’ fog? Was all this fog part of George Lucas’s original vision? Are you my Uber? How's your night going so far? Do I really have to leave a tip? Because I don't want to.

Experience the full trailer here: