Forget December Babies, September Babies Are Really The Worst Off

It's generally assumed that those born in December seem to think they have the worst birth month.

Let's take a second to acknowledge that this assumption is, in fact, a lie. Now, I'm not going to pretend it wouldn't suck to only be given one present for both your birthday and Christmas -- it well and truly would.

But there's a worse thing in life than receiving a combined present: having your birthday in September.

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Why, you might ask? September is a perfectly fine month -- it's the start of spring, after all. The sun is out, it's the beginning of wedding season. What's not to love about love?

Look, I'm not a monster, but it does have its downfalls.

Let's start with the biggest one. You're sharing the one day a year when YOU should be celebrated with precisely every single other person on the planet. (Okay that might be a slight exaggeration but... almost).

According to the ABC, September 17 is the most common birthday in Australia, and September is one of the top three months for births.

So yes, I acknowledge this is a first-world problem and I concur that there are worse things to complain about. But I have been living with this problem for nearly 30 years and it's about time we September babies got some well-deserved pity.

September babies can definitely rival December babies in the complaining stakes. Sure, December babies have to share their birth month with Jesus. But that's only one person (albeit an important one).

I have to share my birth month with literally every other member of my family and a big chunk of my friends. There is only so much celebration that can be had. There is only so much enthusiasm that people can show. Geez, there is only so much cake one can eat.

Let's not forget that when you count back roughly 40 weeks from three of Australia’s four most common birthdays, September 17, September 23 and September 24, you get.... Australia's most popular conception dates of Christmas and New Years.

Because it's hilarious being reminded every single time your birthday rolls around that your parents most likely got trashed on Christmas and News Years, forgot to use contraception and, ta-da, here you are!

So, December babies; yes, you might be sharing your birth month with Christmas and the avalanche of parties that comes along with it. But at least you don't need to be prodded by one more colleague during said party who proclaims, 'I bet your parents had fun at this time of the year!'

And with that, I rest my case.

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