Help! Should I Watch Crucial Footy Game Or Daughter's Concert?

There are moments in a parent's life when your commitment is really tested.

One such moment looms this Sunday when my daughter sings at the Sydney Town Hall with both her school chamber choir, and her school vocal ensemble.

She and her schoolmates are singing along with the Sydney Male Choir and tickets are $40. Yes, forty bucks. It's a big thing.

Six kilometres away, across Sydney's Anzac Bridge and through the twisting side streets of suburban Rozelle, and starting at the exact same time of 2 pm, another big occasion looms.

The Wests Tigers host the Cronulla Sharks for a do-or-die Round 25 NRL match at Leichhardt Oval. It's the battle for eighth spot in this year's finals. Win and you're in.

Benji and the boys were brilliant last weekend as the Tigers thrashed the Dragons to give themselves a chance of ruining Ant's Sunday afternoon this week. Image: Getty.

The Tigers have not made the NRL finals since 2011 -- the longest drought of any current team -- and this long-suffering fan would love to see us make it. We'll almost certainly get destroyed in week one of the finals, but that's not the point. Just getting there would be something. It really would.

Talking about getting destroyed, that's probably what'll happen to this suburban dad if he watches the match, not the concert.

So what to do?

Well, the match is a sell-out, so attendance is not an option. But it seems like an elegant solution would be to sit in the concert watching the game on the phone. Eyes doing one job, ears another.

Whether this solution qualifies as what you might call "good parenting" is another story.

Anyway, this seemed like a good question to throw out on social media, because this decision has not actually been made yet. And the results have been pretty split so far, which is interesting, but which doesn't really help solve the dilemma.

Your input on this issue would of course be most welcome on Twitter or on our Facebook page.