WATCH: Regular Guy Carries On Like Nick Kyrgios At Work In Wildly Inappropriate Outburst

This week on Network 10's Wednesday night weekly sports wrap, 'Sports Tonight', we had a very cheeky little idea.

What if we demonstrated the inappropriateness of Nick Kyrgios' repeated on-court tennis meltdowns by replicating one of them in another setting?

Imagine if someone flew off the handle in an office, or on a building site, or while driving a bus -- or even, as we did, on the set of a TV show.

(Actually when you think of some of the classic TV meltdowns over the years, this wouldn't be unprecedented! But you get the point.)

Now obviously, sports arenas are not regular workplaces. Playing sport is high energy, high tension, high adrenaline stuff. Athletes display all sorts of emotions you'd never see in most workplaces, and of course, the crowd loves it and expects it.

But there are still limits. Personal abuse, gratuitous swearing and violent behaviour are not on. Ever.

Image: Getty.

Here at 10 daily, we've written many times about how wonderfully entertaining Nick Kyrgios is. We've noted that in many respects, he's an average 24-year-old with all sorts of moods, who just happens to be prodigiously talented with  a tennis racquet in hand. We've cut him plenty of slack, and given him lots of love for his best moments on and off court.

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But like most Australians, we've also just shaken our heads in disbelief when he's at his ugliest . How can a guy so intelligent, so warm, so engaging, suddenly turn so awful?

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We don't have the answers to that question. But as was noted last night, surely getting wise heads around him would help.

We all want to see more of relaxed Nick. Image: Wimbledon.

One thing we know for sure is that Kyrgios, like the rest of us, is at his worst when he's mentally fatigued. He really needs a coach/mentor or both out there on tour.

Anyway, you can watch the clip at the top of the story to see what it was like when your humble correspondent did a Kyrgios. Be warned: it was a little loud and sweary, so maybe put headphones on first.