This 'Cats' Movie Looks Like A Cat-astrophic Night-meow

My God... what is happening here?

In 1981, Cats was a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In 2019, if the new trailer is to be believed, Cats is a witches' brew of dance, make up and special effects that will send your children into waking fits of abject terror.

The trailer starts off horrifyingly enough, with a lady in a cat costume...
I am very scared.
And then... oh no is that Dame Judi Dench?!?!?!
Dame Judi Dench is an award-winning actress.
It would appear that the so-called "cats" are the size of domestic cats. So all the furniture is big.
Is it too late to stop all of this?
I don't know who this is and I don't want to know.
Tobey Maguire?
Oh boy... that's James Corden.
James Corden does the Terror Dance.
Jesus save us that WAS Judi Dench!!
"Idris Elba, what was it about your stirring work in 'The Wire' that prepared you for your role as 'cat with big coat'?"
Boasty house on the coasty, indeed.
Sir Ian McKellan?! I don't want to hear about how this was "just a bit of fun" from you later. This is not fun and it is not right.
"This was much more difficult, more searching than doing 'Hamlet' in '71." - Ian McKellan
Taylor Swift?!
Actually this is inspired casting.
I won't hear a bad word about Taylor Swift. Not one.
Rebel Wilson is in this. And from what we can tell, it's another subtle performance from the comic superstar.
Oh my...
Oh dear...
Well, maybe there's some decent pedigree in the creators. What else did the director do?
Dear Lord... what are they eating? WHAT ARE THEY EATING?!?!
Is this a threat?
Christmas is cancelled.

Watch your worst dreams become reality in the full trailer:

Featured Image: Universal Pictures