What If We're All Reading Nick Kyrgios Wrong?

Picture an average 24-year-old bloke...

Some days, he pours his heart-and-soul into his job. Other days, he can’t really be bothered.

In person, he can be funny, engaging, charming. Other times, he’s an absolute idiot.

In life, we would call this person: normal.

In tennis? We call him: Nick Kyrgios.

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Yes, in many ways, Kyrgios is just a regular young guy trying to find his purpose in life.

And you might say, well HELLO, with all that talent, obviously TENNIS is his purpose. But it’s not that simple.

As Kyrgios said in his Wimbledon press conference after losing to Rafael Nadal:

"At the end of the day it's tennis, man. Is it really that important?"

It’s a fair point. He’s good at tennis. But does that mean he has to devote his life to it?

Now, nobody enjoys seeing the worst Kyrgios behaviour. The umpire abuse. The chair throwing. The racquet destruction. It’s ugly.

But at his best, Kyrgios is endearing. What about when he pushed a stranger’s car home?

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And what about that hilarious little exchange -- again in the Wimbledon press conference after the Nadal match -- when he was asked a question by the reporter he'd been drinking with?

Image: Wimbledon.

People bagged him for being out the night before such a big match. But here’s the thing.

In March of this year, Kyrgios won the Mexican after partying all week and jetskiing.

Nick Kyrgios
Photo: Reuters.

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Fact is, he plays his best tennis when he’s distracted. In this respect, he is not like other players, and probably never will be.

If Nick Kyrgios ever does fulfil his natural talent, he’ll do it HIS way.

So maybe WE are the ones who need to change our perspective, not him, and just enjoy Kyrgios for what he is -- no tennis champ, for now, but one hell of an entertainer.