I Tried 'Skin Fasting' And It Did Wonders For My Face

'Skin fasting' involves stripping things back. And that's right back, to just a couple of products.

Intermittent fasting is all the rage for body fitness, and skin fasting is similarly dominating dinner table conversations.

It's essentially the opposite of many beauty trends that have been doing the rounds lately, such as K Beauty, which is about skin laying with lots of products.

These movements simply complicate our skincare routines when our skin really doesn’t need that much, according to Lucy Kuper, Dermal Specialist at Biologi.

She said the best way to think about skin fasting is to see it as a diet for your skin. You're cutting out all of those ingredients that you don't really need.

Skin fasting allows you to basically Marie Kondo your bathroom cabinet down to the best multi-tasking products that really work.

While you might think you're doing your skin a service by applying a variety of products, it is possible to overdo it.

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This can happen in a couple of ways:

"The first is stripping it off its natural oils that it needs for a balanced pH, which is often done by cleansing too much or over exfoliating.  Many people will exfoliate their skin with multiple acids which can then result in redness, irritation and even blemishes.”

“The second issue with over complicating skincare routines is when a person layers active ingredients that shouldn’t go together at all. This can effectively cancel out the benefits or in worse case scenarios - cause harsh reactions."

And when I felt like my skin was congested and I was getting more breakouts than I normally do, I used a holiday as the opportunity to pull my skincare and makeup routines riiight back and have a go at skin fasting.

Sunglasses were also used to hide my eye bags while I went makeup free. My partner's were actually for sun protection. Image: Supplied

And aside from wanting to give my skin a break, I also didn't want to spend my precious and limited holiday time in a hotel bathroom applying my skincare and makeup.

So for a week, I didn't apply any makeup at all and only used five products on my face: an Antipodes cleanser, a Mecca sunscreen, a Bobbi Brown face cream and eye cream and a Rapid Lash serum.

I used my cleanser, face cream and eye cream when I woke up and before going to bed. As I was in the sun a lot and didn't have much else on my face in the way of products, I applied my sunscreen once in the morning and topped up throughout the day.

I was in the sun and swimming a lot so I had very little on my face besides sunscreen. Image: Supplied

I also used my lash serum once before bed across my top lash line like I normally do, but more importantly, I wasn't using my eyelash curler, causing less damage to my lashes and giving them a rest.

And unsurprisingly, I noticed a difference in my skin within a day or two. My skin looked brighter, I had less noticeably fewer blemishes and it felt softer and pumper to touch. My lashes, while they were the same length, were looking a little fuller by the end of the week.

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Now I know what you're thinking. Not all of us are on holiday and can take a week or longer to do skin fasting. The good news is you don't have to go to the extreme that I did to see the benefits.

Post Skin Fasting and with makeup on, my skin is looking and feeling a lot better. Image: Supplied

There's an easy way to incorporate skin fasting into your regular daily routine.

"Start by cutting out one or two products, then gradually reduce it down. So rather than go cold turkey style, start off small and reduce it from there," Kuper said. "Then you’ll want to minimise your products down to the absolute must-haves."

Ideally by the end of this process, you will have a cleanser, a serum and a sunscreen.

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"If you can try a couple of days without makeup you’ll see the best results but for many people, this can be a scary thought," Kuper said.

"But allowing your skin time to breathe, rebuild its natural acid mantle and get back to its regular pH levels is the ultimate goal (and to do this you really do need to strip it back)."

Overcomplicating your routine can confuse your skin and lead to excessive oil production which nobody wants. So if you want to dip your toe in the skin fasting waters, take it slow and start by dropping a few of your least favourite products.

Featured image: Supplied