Whoopi Goldberg's Ridiculous Defence Of Serena Williams

A lot of tennis fans' faces just turned the colour purple with rage.

Why? Because Whoopi Goldberg said that Serena Williams was right to cut in on a male tennis player's press conference so she could get her own one done.

Why did Serena deserve preference exactly? Because, get this, she is more famous.

If you missed events at the French Open earlier this week, world number four male player Dominic Thiem, of Austria, was doing his post-match presser after a win. Serena, who had unexpectedly lost, was waiting outside.

Thiem was asked by officials to step aside for Serena, which left him incredulous.

"I don’t really get it, seriously. I mean, what the hell? No, but it’s a joke, really … I have to leave the room because she’s coming?" Thiem said with all the restraint he could muster.

It was an admirably measured response. Saying "no" would also have been a fair reaction. "Bugger off" would also have sufficed. Throwing his racquet and kicking the wall in disgust would have been understandable too.

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But Serena found a cheer squad with Whoopi Goldberg and friends on American show The View.

"She wanted to get outta' there because she didn't win. I would feel the same way," Goldberg said, justifying why Serena deserved right of way.

“Listen man, don’t nobody know who you are!"

Seriously. Whoopi Goldberg says nobody at the French Open knows who the world's number four male tennis player is. Do enlighten us further.

"You may be big in the tennis world but this is a big deal that she was out this early. People want to know what’s happening, how she doing..."

And those people could have waited. Oh sorry, Whoopi, we too could have waited while you finished. Please continue.

"Don’t blame her! Stop being a bonehead, don’t blame her.”

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Whoopi took a bit of a breather after the monologue. In stepped Williams apologist number two, Ana Navarro, for another hot take.

"It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t ask for him to be moved … they decided to move him to let the queen come in, OK. Just have a little self-awareness here. Serena Williams is right now a class by her own. Maybe one day you’ll be the king of tennis but right now we don’t know who you are," she said.

Don't forget to turn off your ego on the way out. Image: Getty.

There's an important little nugget of truth there. Serena wasn't the one asking Thiem to move. But she was, by many accounts, the one waiting outside in such an impatient manner that officials decided to take drastic action.

According to Whoopi and friends, this was effectively the right way to go because more people wanted to hear from Serena from that other bloke they'd never heard of. 

Which is a bit like saying the more famous you are, the more rights you have. Which is not, you would have thought, the sort of platform noted human rights activist Whoopi Goldberg would normally stand on.

But there you have it. Serena's biggest cheer squad is never in the stands.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, that world number four male player the American TV hosts have never heard of is now into the quarterfinals, after playing the shot of the tournament.