Let Us Pause To Celebrate England's Truly Horrific Cricket World Cup Record

England fans have been booing Dave Warner and Steve Smith in World Cup practice matches. Fair enough.

After all, the vigorous booing might keep fans warm during what they call their summer.

But seriously, it’s understandable England supporters haven’t forgotten the scandal of Cape Town -- when Aussie cricket sunk to its lowest ebb.

So in the interests of balance, let's relive some of England’s low points -- with specific regard to the Cricket World Cup.

Life's a pitch. And then you play for England. Image: Getty.

Now, that’s actually an extremely hard task because England has a really abysmal record in this tournament.

For starters, they’ve never won it. Ever. In fact, England hasn’t even made the semis in the last six  World Cups.

By comparison, Australia has won it five times. Count ’em.


Onya AB. Image: Getty.


Onya Tugga. Image: Getty.


Onya Punter. Image: Getty.


Onya again Punter. Image: Getty.

And five...

Onya Pup. Image: Getty.

Australia has only once lost to a minnow nation at the Cup -- and that was in 1983 against Zimbabwe in the African nation's first ever One Day International, so you might argue we lost to an unbeaten team!

England? They’ve done it three times.

In 1992, they couldn’t chase a paltry 134 against Zimbabwe. In 2011, they lost to both Ireland and Bangladesh within nine days.

Most deliciously for Aussie fans, England lost the 1987 World Cup final to Australia, when Mike Gatting failed when trying to reverse sweep the innocuous spin of Allan Border.

You might think the portly England middle-order batsman's worst moment against Aussie spin came six years later when he was bamboozled by Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century in the 1993 Ashes… but no. He had an even worse one up his sleeve.

Any way you look at it, England have been World Cup DUDS for 44 years now.

So here we are in 2019. England are favourites at home, and on paper they do look really strong.

We don’t know how they’ll blow it this year. But if history is any guide, this is one Brexit that is definitely going to happen.

The cricket World Cup begins on Thursday night Australian time with England hosting South Africa.