Christopher Pyne: When Labor Loses The Election Get Ready For Their Very Own 'Red Wedding'

I’m going to take a punt and assume there are quite a few 'Game of Thrones' aficionados with their eyeballs on the Internet. Especially now, with the final series in full swing.

But the real 'Game of Thrones' is happening here in Australia. It’s called the 46th election for the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. The combatants are the political parties and the leader of the winning house is prime minister of the 12th largest economy and military spender in the world. It is worth winning!

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That battle rages for another few weeks and will finally be decided on Saturday May 18. Every voter gets to be a participant. So choose your weapon wisely and keep your head down and your wits about you as candidates and their supporters come at you from all angles to woo you and capture your vote!

Which House will capture the Lodge and rule all of Terra Australis?

As a committed Liberal, I’m predicting a Liberal and National Government will win. So what happens to Labor if, as I hope, they lose?

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'Game of Thrones' fans will remember series 3, episode 9 -- "The Rains of Castamere", or more specifically, “The Red Wedding” scene! Well, if you thought that was bloody and violent, if you had to turn away when pregnant Talisa was savagely run through and died hideously, if you only just kept your Pringles down when Lady Catelyn’s throat is slit and King Robb Stark is finally stabbed... then brace yourself for the Labor Party Room scene post a defeat on May 18.

Bill Shorten and his team are super confident of winning. The dark thought of losing has not penetrated that hard ring of confidence. The House of Shorten has ruled the Labor Party nationally with an iron fist since Bill Shorten defeated the House of Albanese and their champion, Anthony Albanese in 2013.

In that leadership battle, Anthony Albanese won a majority of the popular rank and file vote of Labor Party members a but not enough to beat Bill Shorten’s wheeling and dealing within the Labor Caucus of the Parliamentary Party that allowed him to win the narrowest of victories.

Is all forgotten and forgiven between the Houses of Albanese and Shorten?

There were doubts about that result. Claims were made of irregular voting practices in the New South Wales branch of the ALP. Factional divides run very deep in that state and more than a few scores were settled within the Left and the Right Factions across the country. The stakes were high and ‘to the winners go the spoils’. When Bill Shorten emerged victorious he placed his supporters and those from the Left that had double-crossed Anthony Albanese in the key positions in the Opposition. None of this has been forgotten or forgiven. For political expediency, there were vendettas put in the freezer to be preserved and returned to in government.

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The House of Albanese kept itself in check for the last six years. After the rounds of visiting death squads between the House of Rudd and the House of Gillard between 2007 and 2013, who could blame them? It must have been an exhausting six years!

Bill Shorten emerged from that period as an axe wielder for both sides. Only a few, Anthony Albanese included, could claim to have been loyal to the elected Prime Minister throughout.

If Labor loses, will 'King Bill' be put to the political sword? Who will wield it? And who else will fall?

For the last six years the House of Shorten has been responsible for careers put on hold, real and imagined slights, every decision made on tactics, strategy and policy, the allocation of campaign resources, right down to who gets employed and who doesn’t.

If Bill doesn’t ‘bring home the bacon’, the consequences will be epic.

How will King Bill be put to the political sword? Who will emerge as leader -- Princess Tanya, one of the Dark Knights, Sir Tony or Sir Chris, Lord Marles, or will King Albo finally wear the crown?

You buy the popcorn and come around to my place and we can sit back and watch as these two behemothic power centres fight it out for the heart and soul of what will be, in the event of defeat on May 18, a shocked and broken Labor Party.

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