4 Basic Bible Verses That Suggest Israel Folau Doesn't Practise What He Preaches

This has become a controversy of Biblical proportions.

Last Wednesday night, on the Network 10 show Sports Tonight, we showed highlights of Israel Folau scoring a try from a bomb.

At that very moment, he set off a social media bomb of his own, with his comments on people going to hell, for which he now faces the sack.

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Now I’m no biblical scholar. I’m more likely to have a form guide in my hand than a Bible.

And for the record, one of these books promises a future of great prosperity and happiness if you follow it to the letter… while the other is an ancient religious text!

But I do know that if you take every Bible passage exactly as it’s written, then you’d pretty much be living semi-naked in a grass hut, scrounging for food in the bush -- much like the contestants in Survivor Australia.

So while Israel Folau rails against the perceived sins of homosexuals and others, there are so many other Bible passages which he wilfully ignores.

Israel Folau. Source: Getty.

The Bible says: "Do not wear clothing woven from two different kinds of thread".

Sorry Izzy, but your NSW Waratahs jersey contains Elastane, Silicone and Polyester Interlock with a VapoDri finish.

I don't even know what those things are but whichever way you look at it, they're not very Biblical.

In Leviticus it says: "Ye shall not print any marks upon you”.

Uh, Izzy, you’ve got tough stickers, mate.

Israel Folau

The 10 Commandments says: “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”.

How many times have you played rugby on a Sunday, Izzy?

In Ephesians it says: "Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear".

That’s right, in the dynamic between slave and master, the Bible is inexplicably on the master’s side.

Go figure. Interesting take, God.

You get the feeling this image at the HQ of Rugby Australia won't be hanging around much longer. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Now in a sense, the contract between employer and employee is the modern-day equivalent of the master/slave relationship.

That being the case, Israel Folau has clearly disobeyed his master’s repeated warnings about inappropriate social media use. He has not shown the "deep respect and fear" for his master that the Bible expressly commands.

In other words, Israel Folau does not practise what he preaches.

And I’m not sure what the bible says about people like that, but I’ve got a pretty good feeling they’re going to hell too.