Why Splendour In The Grass Should Be Your Next Family Holiday

Three-year-olds love mosh pits. At their eye-line, it’s not a sea of bobbing heads, it’s a forest of legs to play catch in. This is a lesson you learn when you take your family on vacation to Splendour In The Grass.

As a child, my parents took me on the kind of camping holidays that they enjoyed: fishing, swimming, and snorkelling. As parents, my wife and I decided to take our children on our preferred camping trips: music festivals. This year will mark our third Splendour as a family.

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Splendour In The Grass with young kids is all about balance. You can’t just drag them from set to set; it’s their holiday too. Visit Little Splendour, grab some food, chill at your campsite, or get creative at Splendour In The Craft. Then their batteries will be fully charged to perch on your shoulders and sing along to Amy Shark when the time comes.

Just a couple of Amy Shark fans. (Image: Wade Shipard)

Children aged 12 and under get free admission to Splendour!

A responsible parent, carer or guardian that has a valid Event ticket needs to accompany children at ALL times during the festival.


A parent’s alertness should match that of any other large event, think: Ekka, Sydney Easter Show, Royal Melbourne Show; or a sold-out AFL/NRL game.

However, festival-goers are generally relaxed and on the lookout for the collective well-being. We’ve noticed this esprit de corps increase around our kids, epitomised by the amount of high-fives that they’re given!

Security and volunteers are abundant throughout the festival grounds and importantly keep a constant vigil at the entrance to Little Splendour.

Little Splendour

Located in the middle of the grounds, Little Splendour is a fully enclosed mini-festival just for families, with live performances, face-painting, workshops, dress-ups and plenty more.

Kids can enjoy some independence to roam safely, while parents can easily supervise and relax with a latte.


Accredited teachers and childcare professionals can entertain the kids for two hours stints 12pm – 12am Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Little Splendour’s Babysitting Club.

We’ve sparingly used this option, although it’s ideal during a headline act that none of the parents wanted to miss. The kids were pumped to just chill on beanbags and watch a movie for a change of pace, win-win!

Festivals are great to explore with kids.  (Image: Wade Shipard)

'The Meadow' is Splendour’s designated family campground, complete with a playground, microwave and change-table. It’s separated from the rest of the general campers to minimise noise and through traffic

Glamping is also available, with additional costs on top of your camping ticket. Tepeelove has twice been our family’s choice, due to the enviro-friendly tepees, friendly staff and exclusive toilets, showers and common area.

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Prams with big wheels are recommended to navigate the festival. The Amphitheatre is undulating and the general terrain varies between grass, dirt, gravel, or swamp if there’s heavy rain.

Rock & Roller Wagons provide an incredible alternative on-site. Owners Beth and Rob are super friendly and started the business soon after they took their own children to their first festival. We were able to taxi around three kids, keep them shady, and stow nappies, wipes and snacks on board in the purpose-built Festival Wagon!

Rock & Roller Wagons are perfect for transporting the little ones. (Image: Wade Shipard)