Adam Hills Spoke Spicks And Specks Of Truth, But The Yolk Is On Him

There's an argument that 'Egg Boy' was out of line. That by abstaining from any sort of violence, you take the moral high ground over Nazi sympathisers and their ilk.

And there's a much more popular argument that an egg to the back of the head is the least Senator Fraser Anning deserves, after disgracefully saying the innocent victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack were "not blameless".

Which was pretty much the equivalent of saying that anyone who ever sat on a beach is actually a shark.

So how do you behave towards a person who would say such despicable things? Not violently, said Comedian Adam Hills, because that effectively turns the verbally aggressive Anning into a victim.

Hills was widely slammed on social media for this view, but that didn't deter Studio 10 co-host Joe Hildebrand from putting forward a similar view today.

"Egging him legitimises the view of the right wing thugs that he has around him, because they see the left as being an aggressive, violent force that they need to tackle with violent aggression," Joe said.

"This idiotic teenager is not a hero. If anything he's... turned Fraser Anning from a figure of ridicule among virtually everybody to a figure of sympathy among his small core of extremist supporters."

Hills and Hildebrand are both popular figures with no love for Fraser Anning. So were they right to say any violence against him does the anti-Nazi cause no good?

Not according to the Twitterati.

Or the Twitterati literati.

And not according to two popular figures in the world of comedy, either.

As Aussie comedian Aameer Rahman put it in the famous comedy monologue below:

"We're talking about punching Fascists in the face, not suicide bombings, OK? "Why the f-ck are you a volunteer Nazi safety advocate? That's my question!"

And as Woody Allen famously put it in his 1979 rom-com 'Manhattan' in response to a comment that "biting satire is always better than physical force":

Bricks and baseball bats get right to the point. Physical force is always better with Nazis. It's hard to satirise a guy in shiny boots.

Aussie chef Adam Liaw had a pretty hot take too in this thread.