FFS Why Are There So Many Acronyms When It Comes To Getting Pregnant?

"I'm a FTM that needs to AIH via IUI. My DH/OH and I can’t DTD and yesterday I got a BFN via HPT. It sucked hard.

It also means this week is my BW (which is probs too much info). I’ve been using OPK, anyone else TTC? I want to be PG!"

I’m sorry, what?! Yes. I too was confused. Welcome to pregnancy language. This is an example of a sentence you can expect to read on an online breeder forum. Sure, the internet offers countless abbreviations, emoticons and words in slang but Mummy chat forums are a whole new level!

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When I started trying for a baby, I didn’t realise I would be expected to go to night school to learn a new language. No one tells you that, just like the country Italy, new mothers use a different language to communicate to each other. I have dubbed this language ‘Mum’s Club’.

Say what? FFS. (Image: Getty)

I was pissed. When you begin to think about having a baby, it is isolating enough. Sure you may have a partner, in my case, a man who is a feminist -- conscious and supportive.

But he has very little to offer to the conversation about how your hormones affect your mood once you inject a trigger shot, which is why I’m guessing online Mum forums are as popular as they are.

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This was new information to me. I wasn’t a forum visitor in the past, but I found myself fixated by the information about something I wanted to know so much about: my future baby.

When you hit the green light on becoming a Mum, or TTC (Trying To Conceive), there is never too much information you can consume. But like most of our interactions in 2019, online isn’t real life, so it can start to feel intimidating early on.

Give me some of those blocks, I'll start studying. (Image: Getty)

When considering having a baby, couples are encouraged to keep things on the DL (down low). Heaven forbid your best friend, Mum or employer know about the potential roadblocks, or emotional roller coasters that they could potentially help you prepare during your potentially not-so-calm ride into parenthood.

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You may or may not have picked up my sarcasm by now. But I am frustrated that women are encouraged to stay quiet on so many parts of this journey, isolating us severely in the process.

And even though some really heavy, heartbreaking events occurred on my road, the point that pushed me over the edge was the Mum’s club language, the abbreviations.

I felt dumb.

And it gave me another reason to think that my body, my timing, my everything wasn’t good enough.

I have decided to break down some of the terms for you here so you can join the Mum’s clique and start to sound like you have been “Mumming” your entire adult life.

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Perhaps if you are familiar with some of these terms, this process will be one less thing that feels overwhelming or isolating. And trust me, we need all the help we can get!

You’re welcome.

We all need an abbreviation cheat sheet. (Image: Getty)

AC - Assisted conception

AI - Artificial insemination

AIH - Artificial insemination with husband's sperm

AP - Attachment parenting; a child-rearing philosophy

ART - Assisted reproductive technology

BBT - Basal body temperature

BC - Birth control

BD - Baby dancing (sex for conception)

BF - Breastfeeding

BFN - Big fat negative (as in a pregnancy test)

BW - Blood week (period)

CIO - Cry it out; a method of sleep training for infants

CM - Cervical mucus

DF - Dear fiance

DH - Dear husband

DI - Donor insemination

DPO - Days past ovulation

DTD - Do the deed (sex)

DXP - Dear ex-partner, for people who are still on good terms with their exes

EBM - Expressed breast milk

EDD - Estimated date of delivery (due date)

EP - Ectopic pregnancy

ER - Egg retrieval

ET - Embryo transfer

FTM - First time Mum

HPT - Home pregnancy test

IUI - Intrauterine insemination

IVF - In vitro fertilisation

LAM - Lactational amenorrhea method; referring to natural infertility while breastfeeding

LO - Little one

LP - Luteal phase

MC - Miscarriage

MIL - Mother-in-law

MS - Morning sickness

NAK - Nursing at keyboard

NIP - Nursing in public

NTNP - Not trying/not preventing

O - Ovulation

OH - Other half

OPK - Ovulation predictor test kit

OWT - Old wives tale

PG - Pregnant

POAS - Pee on a stick

POF - Premature ovarian failure

SAHM - Stay at home mom

SB - Stillbirth

SW - Starting weight

TTC - Trying to conceive

US - Ultrasound

VBAC - Vaginal birth after cesarean

WAHM - Work at home mum

WOHM - Work out of home mum

WM - Working mum