You Don't Need To Have Sax Like Kim Kardashian To Enjoy Valentine's Day

Kim and Kanye had Kenny G. My wife and I had cheap sushi and beer.

There were no roses. No chocolates. It was the best Valentine's Day ever.

On Thursday evening, the kids were both at school camp and it just happened to be Valentine's Day. Say no more. Here was a chance for a 40-something couple from the suburbs to really cut loose.

Know what we did?

We went down to the local very average sushi joint, cracked a couple of cold cans of mid-strength beer that I brought from home, and sat there having an utterly delightful time.

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I don't even like sushi and my wife doesn't much care for watery beer, but we had the most fantastic -- and yes, romantic -- Valentine's Day.

Because normal is romantic. Because time together counts more than anything. Because romance is, in my opinion, one of the most misunderstood concepts in modern western life.

We're taught to think romance is all symbols and gestures and colours that are red and feelings that are gooey. Nah. Well, yeah, but also nah.

It's like that sometimes but mostly it's taking an interest in a person. Asking them how their day was. Actually listening to their answer and holding your attention till they're done. It's showing someone you care by scrubbing the pots and mopping the floor, which by the way gentlemen, works far better than even the largest pack of Ferrero Rocher in my experience.

That ain't the popular narrative but its how things work out n the suburbs.

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On the way home, my wife and I stopped off at the local Lebanese pastry store. We sat at an outside table drinking strong decaf coffee and breathing in the car fumes and the smoke of the guys beside us who had one of those middle eastern pipes.

Some other men came along and greeted the smoking men and they all kissed each other on the cheek twice and we thought that was great. Here was real life, about as far from the spotless made-for-social-media living room of Kim and Kanye that you could possibly get.

Sometimes normality is great. Kim and Kanye had a thousand roses in individual vases and Kenny G playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

We had sushi and beer and coffee and hookah smoke and the whole evening cost $53.20 which I'd venture to say is a lot less than a single one of those Kim and Kanye roses.

I hope your Valentine's Day was half as romantic as ours.