The Question People Have To Stop Asking

If one more person asks me this question, I’m gunna scream.

No matter where I am. I will irrationally scream, remove my bra and hit the person over the head with my bra and throw something and then cry in my car with a Magnum Ego. (Unnecessary detail).

I know I’m not the only one who is sick of this question. The question is always slightly different but has the same sentiment.

I hear it constantly said to my friends who have just had babies --  as in JUST had a baby.

It's fresh out of the womb, the baby still has the umbilical cord attached, and people ask -- "when are you having the next one?"


I have JUST had this one. My child doesn’t even have a name and I need to be thinking of the NEXT one? What about this life I just created? I’m amazing!

Why are we immediately asking what’s next instead of talking about what’s here?

Also, what if you can’t have another child? What if you don’t want another one? Why is it anyone's business to know?

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It happens to people after they get married too. This one is so common…people just can’t help themselves. Even AT your wedding people ask -- what’s next? When are you having kids? I just got married! Can we celebrate and appreciate THIS moment!? We haven’t even cut the cake!

I just wrote a book and people say… what’s next?

I had this question asked JUST after it had been printed. It wasn’t even for sale yet. I was furious. Gurl. I just wrote a book. Can we not appreciate that? I’m basically illiterate and I wrote a book. Let me have my goddamn moment!

Let everyone have their goddamn moment!

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It’s awful. I don’t know why we do it. Because in all honesty I am guilty of this too. Is it human instinct/ human condition? Can we not think of enough conversation?

I think it’s just an old thing we have picked up from our parents, like saying 'lefty loosey righty tighty', saying “woo woo” when you enter a house or saying “just these” at a servo.

You don’t mean to do it, it’s just subconsciously ingrained in you.

I don’t know. But I know we gotta stop doing it because it takes away from the moment that we are there celebrating. There’s nothing present about asking what’s next and not appreciating the moment we are currently in. And we wonder why we all live in a world where we feel so anxious?

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Asking “what’s next” somehow says to the individual or people involved that what they are doing isn’t enough.

I’m no one -- but I’m here to say: you are doing more than enough.

So, next time you go to ask this question, don’t.