11 Trends Of 2018 To Kick To The Kerb Next Year

Popular culture -- it’s fun, but if you don’t watch out it will suck you right in and spit you out like a tornado.

You’ll look back at the remnants of yourself in photos in years to come wondering why you thought a hyper-colour t-shirt, bike-shorts and a perm were a good idea. Trends can be tragic things. Here are some of the top 2018 trends which we need to see the back of (hopefully) in 2019.

1. Overalls

Overalls of any variety (jean, linen, corduroy) made a stunning comeback in 2018. The overall became a versatile wardrobe staple -- perfect for the farmer’s markets, casual Friday and styled up with a pair of heels for dinner.

Some of their perils? They’re hard to get into, they require a full un-dress if you’re going to the bathroom (nobody wants to be doing that!) and you just know they’re going to date very, very badly. See you later Dungarees. Next!

2. The unicorn thang

The unicorn advanced on 2018 like a de-constructed, pastel, mythical juggernaut. It assaulted us in its prevalence -- at children’s parties, as beverages, as foods, and increasingly, on clothes, underwear and even slippers. We couldn’t get enough of the unicorn re-imagined. I don’t know about you, but I could do without the extensive food-colouring. Apologies fabled hooved thing, we’re relegating you back to the picture books.

3. Leadership spills

Australian political leadership spills made Italian news earlier on in the year as we hemorrhaged pollies. If we’re making news in a country that voluntarily elected Silvio Berlusconi, and changes political leaders like it's going out of style, we’re in trouble.

Can we say Ciao to leadership spills in 2018? I fear not … it may just be arriverderci.

Arriverderci. (Image: Getty)
4. Shoes: Plastic heels / Huarache

Plastic heels thrust themselves into the limelight in 2018. I remember a time when plastic heels were synonymous with strippers. Not so much anymore. Plastic heels were re-imagined in women’s fashion, with the Kardashians leading the clear-shoed charge.

Men’s fashion saw the Mexican leather sandal known as the Huarache invasion. Kind of cute -- but where’s the support?


5. Influencers

They were big -- on all channels. Telling us what to wear, think or do. The modern day Messiahs -- they led the masses with rose quartz in one hand, and the perfect poke bowl in the other. Anyone else tired of the strategically placed products?

Who are these people anyway?

6. The 90s / 00s

The '90s and '00s made a solid comeback. High-waisted, straight jeans, black velvet chokers, scrunchies and all the rest. Hey, I was a child of the '90s -- I have photo-albums jam packed with floral dresses, jean jackets, hair clips, and boots. Still, I understand the error of my ways.

Here’s to hoping 2019 will not regurgitate another vintage decade …

7. Yaass and Lewk

How are they used in common vernacular?

“Yaaass!!” Exclamation, complete agreement.

“A signature lewk.” Personal style signature.

Nope -- time for some new patois in 2018.

8. Nut milks

Nut milks were big, huge, omnipotent in 2018! From macadamia through to coconut, they dominated our coffee beverage purchases. I’m quite partial to an almond milk hot chocolate myself, but what will come of the traditional full cream and skim milk? Overlooked in 2018, will they make a comeback in 2019?

9. The Gut

The Gut has been revered in our last rotation around the sun. The gut has become the new locus of good and bad. Look to the gut for the solution! Look to the gut! A new contender in the mental and physical game it was looking to make up time decidedly quickly in 2018. Will it continue to reign supreme, or be cast aside for the liver or potentially a more obscure organ in 2019?

10. YOLO (You only live once) /Living your best life

As much as I love YOLO I’m hoping for a more conservative trend in 2019 which will have less impact on the old back-pocket.

Maybe “You Only Live Once But You May Run Out Of Money” might take-off?

YOLOBUMROOM -- terrible acronym, will need to workshop…

11. Bad maths