Sydney, You're Absolutely Nailing It Today

A city of whingers has become a city of doers.

Sydney can be a dysfunctional city.

Someone sneezes on a train platform and EEEK! The whole network is delayed. A little rain falls. NOOOOO! Your morning commute just quadrupled. The sun's out in summer. OH MY GOD, WE'RE MEEEEEEELTIIIINGGGG...

But today Sydney, you are absolutely nailing it. As you no doubt know, it's absolutely pissing down in the harbour city today, to the point where it's hard to tell which bit is harbour and which bit is city.

It's also exceptionally dangerous out there. A motorist has been killed, police have been injured rescuing people from floodwaters, there are widespread power outages, and worse is to come.

The response of Sydneysiders? Get through this.

Get to work.

Get stuff fixed.

Embrace that wet undies feeling at work.

Get that leaky wall fixed while wearing plastic on your head. (Will the plastic help? God no. Not at all. But it adds to the overall effect of giving it a go.)

Get that forecast right for once.

Sydney is normally the city that can't get anything right. Build a rain line to Bondi -- the nation's most popular beach?

Nup, forget it. Too hard.

Walk through muddy floodwaters to catch one of the trains that are still running on this wet, wet, Wednesday?

Yep, can do-ski. Sloosh, sloosh, sloosh.

As we write this, around 110mm of rain has fallen at Observatory Hill. That's the weather station right next to the south pylon of the Harbour Bridge where the official Sydney readings are taken.

The November monthly average for Observatory Hill is just 83.6mm. Yep, we've had a month-and-a-quarter's rain in a morning.

But like we say, Sydney people are chipping in. Here's a guy trying to sweep away an entire flood with a broom.  Commuters aboard this bus (or ferry, or ark, or whatever) snigger. Laugh at him? Maybe a little. But also with him.

This day is actually bringing out the best in Sydney. Rarely in this city is there the sense that "we're all in this together". Melbourne does civic pride much better than we do, even if its beaches are junk.

But Sydney feels like a united community today. We've all got this torrential rain and we've all got to deal with it.

Cats are dealing with it (this is an old cat from internet land but it is indiCATive of Sydney cats today.)

Dogs (and the 10 daily editor who owns them) are dealing with it.

The whole city is dealing with it, which is most unSydneylike, but there you have it.

And we're doing it with good humour too.





Meanwhile, this rain is not expected to ease up anytime today, though it is expected to clear by tomorrow.

Here's a view of the weather radar at about 10 am. This is a large system, with rain extending from Tamworth in the state's north to Cooma in the south.

But it's all centred on Sydney, and it ain't going anywhere for a while.

You can keep up to date with flood warnings on this page at the Weather Bureau's site, and 10 daily has a live blog too.

Stay safe out there, people. Especially you actuaries.