How To Break Up With Your Hairdresser If They Just Don't Cut It

Sometimes you need to split ends.

Breakups can cause heartache, heartbreak and damage that can take years to repair. But this is not a matter of the heart -- it's a matter of hair.

I’m talking the kinda breakage that leaves you self-conscious and reluctant to leave the house, then weighs heavily on your purse strings.

These are the hair-raising tales from the awkward separation that is leaving your hairdresser. I had to give mine the chop a few months ago, and it is truly an unpleasant experience.

What do you do when realise 'it's over'? (Image: Getty)

How do you give the master of your locks the cut? Is there a right way? Is there etiquette?

Thankfully our salon relationship was only a few months old (not quite long enough to divulge all my deepest, darkest secrets, gossip and emotional baggage), but its end was as lovely as eight-week regrowth. And I’m talkin’ peroxide blonde on dark roots!

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I generally place full trust in professionals and answer their suggestions with “I trust you.” Who am I to tell a hairdresser I must have a long fringe when it doesn’t suit my moonface? Nor do I stand over tradies and tell them how to do their job.

"He massacred you. You've got to start seeing someone else.  Get out of this relationship."

Said hairdresser and I underwent a colour change which at the time was as good an eight-day holiday to Noosa.  But a few months later, I noticed the health of my hair starting to rapidly deteriorate as a result of my final two visits for colour. Hell, I’d even stocked up on salon-quality shampoo and conditioner PLUS products. And they reckon millennials can’t order smashed avo and afford a house, try purchasing full hair care ranges! $$$$$.

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(Note: it doesn’t matter how much spray I frenetically pump from the bottle, I never get those effortless beachy waves. Eye roll.)

I’ve always had quite fine hair, but after a fresh wash and DIY blow wave one Saturday morning, before hosting an event, I realised I didn’t have much hair left. My ends were broken and what was left was wispy. I wanted to curl up and dye.

What was left of my locks after a visit to my ex. (Image: Supplied)

I went into a bit of a frizz and set about repairing my hair, mainly with the miracle in a container that is Olaplex -- not sponsored, just a bloody godsend! Ironically, failing to use it in salon contributed greatly to my ghastly “condition” I later learned.

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So, while my locks underwent intensive treatment long-term, I sought out a hairdresser I knew, who specialises in hair extensions, to install some fake it ‘til you make its, aka hair extensions, to make my mane respectable short-term, and return some much needed confidence.

Then came the dreaded parting of ways with the hairdresser. It was a close shave and there were some cutting remarks. #uncomfortable #awkward #Igotunfollowed #Andunfriended

Hairdressers are beauty confidants charged with styling, treating, changing and maintaining such a big part of our look, persona and confidence and when things go wrong -- ie damage, a bad cut or dodgy colour -- and you’re tempted to sit in another chair and see someone else -- or don’t want their smock wrapped around you ever again -- how does it play out?

Is honesty the best policy? Is ghosting the answer? Do you claim 'it’s not you, it’s me' when it’s really them, not you, or do you participate in the blame game?

One thing I know is it’s a sad experience.

It’s four months today since I started follicle rehab and it is a journey. While it could take my locks up to 18 months to fully repair from said ordeal, for now the tape extensions are doing the trick, having returned the pep to my step.

On the road to hair recovery. (Image: Supplied)

While I’m recovering from my last salon relationship I’m content in my new one and can report my new hairdresser is a cut above the rest, has straightened out my problems and rescued me from a very hairy situation.