I Propose A List Of Rules For How Men Should Ask Women To Marry Them

Seriously, some people.

Kaitlyn Curran was in the middle of running her first-ever marathon last weekend when her long-time boyfriend Dennis Galvin had to make one of the most special days of her life allllll about him. (Is it just me who can hear Shannon Noll belting out 'What About Me?' right now?)

When Kaitlyn spotted her beau at the 16-mile mark of the New York City marathon she ran over to say hello. Dennis demanded the spotlight, dropped to one knee and proposed.

Dennis, Dennis, DENNIS!

Let your lady have her moment on the pavement and maybe, only maybe, ask her to be your bride at the end of the marathon after she’s crossed the line. Not only did Dennis interrupt Kaitlyn he impacted her time!!!!

It reminds me of an Australian athlete who, after winning a gold medal with her team at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast earlier this year, was proposed to by her boyfriend. He basically got down on bended knee on the dais.

This behaviour has prompted me to provide a community service announcement I shall call The Rules of Engagement for Engagement.

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Don’t propose while your girlfriend is participating in her first marathon.

We’re looking at you, Dennis.

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Don’t hide the carats in the carrots

Refrain from putting the ring in your love’s food. If they are anything like me, she or he loves their tucker, so why trash what should hopefully be a perfectly good ring by hiding it in their dinner! That mode of proposal belongs in movies from the '90s.

Birthdays and Christmas are off limits.

Both occasions are already celebrations, don’t hijack a day of birth or a festive occasion with the family. Plus, the more celebrations the better, right? That rule also applies for gifts.

Sporting events are also out of bounds, concerts are a no-go and workplaces are a no-no.

Enough said.

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Do make it personal.

#TheProposal should be like you, and your relationship, be unique and about you both. No cookie cutter templates. Be thoughtful, be original, be you. Wow, that sounded like a quote you’d read on Instagram. Like.

Put some thought into the bling before you put a ring on it

I joke that if I was proposed to with a ring I didn’t like I’d say no #kindanotjoking.

But seriously, suss out what style the love of your life likes. If you’re discussing your future and getting married, chat about the ring, ask the thoughts of friends or family, invite one of said friends or family members to help you look and/or choose. Nobody wants to be anchored by an ugly cubic zirconia or something that looks like it came out of a 50-cent machine at the supermarket.

Four little words just doesn’t cut it.

Will you marry me? That age-old question can be part of the script but not the script. Speak from the heart and keep it personal and original. Chances are your (hopefully) soon-to-be-fiancé will be so swept up in the life changing, romantic moment they won’t even remember what you said but the language of love has plenty of words. Use ‘em.

Embrace aspects of your lives and relationship.

Think location, location and popping the question in a favourite spot, over a favourite meal etc.

You’re not barking mad to think about furever and pawternity.

It is SO ok to incorporate your pet. Little controversial I know, but if your beloved fur baby Buddy or Coco is a big part of your lives why not take the oppawtunity to involve them? Pawsome idea! Just ensure the ring isn’t in danger of being digested…That’d be a cat-astrophe.

Seize the moment

If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or let it slip?

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti. He’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready.

Take a leaf out of Eminem’s book and lose yourself in the moment!

You may now kiss the bride.