Let's Settle This Royal Dilemma Once And For All: Do You Say Meeeeghan Or Meghan?

How come we can't pronounce that one name properly?

There's something I have to get off my chest. It's Meghan Markle.

In fact, it's Meghan. Pronounced Meg-un. Like Peg. Not like League.

It's been bothering me for some time, if I'm honest. Why Australians can't seem to grasp the correct pronunciation, even though they've heard her say it herself.

I mean, you watched the royal wedding, right? Remember those vows -- "I, Meghan, take you Harry blah blah blah..."? Those vows that Harry also said, "I Harry, take you Meghan..."

Didn't you hear them say Meghan not Meeghan -- BECAUSE  WE DID, AND THAT IS HER NAME.

I mean, Here's the thing. Surely they would know.

"I'll have them fired if they can't get it right, darling." Image: Getty

Is it all a part of our desire for assimilation? "They come to our country, they should respect our laws, join the cast of Home and Away and change their name to Meeghan".

We have a history of changing words to suit ourselves -- think "arvo", "smoko", "garbo" et al -- and we've already shortened both Harry and Meghan's names to Haz and Megz, and that is fine. Nicknames aren't real names you see.

You don't hear Scomo complaining. Or Nollsie. Or, erm, KAK.

But when your name is Meghan, you can bet you've spent your whole life saying "It's Meg-han," and smiling sweetly as the 10,000th person mispronounced it. So you'd surely be pretty stoked knowing that -- as a person in the public eye, who gets to say their name on TV or in a wedding watched by over 50 million people, those 50 million people would now all be able to say your name correctly.

*Grits teeth* -- it's MEGHAN. Image: Getty

And yet, not so much.

Some TV reporters vacillate between the two, even hedging their bets with a hybrid somehow. Others seem to stubbornly refuse to compromise -- blatantly continuing the Markle debacle with a firm Meeg to their Meghan.

It's not meeg, it's you, mate.

And while we're at it, I don't care if you say tomayto or tomato, but I do have a problem with potato or potahto...

And for the last time, it's Meghan.

Feature image: Getty