Tanya Hennessy: I Don't Get Why Some Aussies Are So Freaking Against Halloween

I have always been a fan of Halloween. Always.

Ever since I saw Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus I have been IN. (Goddamn she shines in that ((and every)) role).

I started trick-or-treating when I was seven. It was huge in my suburb in Newcastle where I grew up and Halloween has always been a part of my life ever since.

Which leads me to be super confused about the whole “it’s an American tradition, we do not and should not celebrate Halloween in this country” debate.

Boooo-urns to you…. Halloween is the best!

I just don’t get why some Aussies are so freaking against Halloween? Why does it matter if its American or not? Seriously…  What’s not to like? Dress ups, lollies, chocolate … that’s free!!! And ghost stories? FUN!

For all you naysayers, here are six reasons Halloween is the best.

1. Kids go mad for it!

My favourite thing is how some kids don’t quite get how trick-or-treating works. I once had a kid at my door straight up ask for what they wanted.

“This selection is good, but do you have Cadbury Fruit and Nut or Fizzers here?”

I was like ,“Kid, this isn’t Coles. What kid likes Fruit and Nut?”

I would have put money on the fact that his parents would have been in their 60s.

One of my other favourite things is when people don’t have anything to offer kids on Halloween, so they offer random things in their  house.

“I have a one-piece dining room setting, a pen or an extension lead -- what you want kids?”

I was told by a friend her kids went trick-or-treating and the vegan host gave her kids small cups of pumpkin soup. Come on! Oreos are vegan you monster!

I don't have any Freddo Frogs but I've got these. (Image: Getty)
2. Conversely, for adults it’s a great occasion for a party.

As Australians, we love any occasion for a party. “Its Thursday!! Lets celebrate! Who’s coming to our Thursday BBQ drinks?”

And, it’s a great occasion for people to be slutty versions of things.  For example, I’m going to a Halloween event this year as a slutty door.

Move over Morticia. (Image: Getty)
3. You don’t need money!

Firstly, it’s a rare holiday where no one needs, or is expected to bring a gift. Plus, dress ups for Halloween are expected to be povo. Just put fake blood on your work clothes and say you’re a zombie, a serial killer or someone who’s been murdered at/by work. Easy. For the cheapos out there (Dad) Halloween is for you!

4. Its super inclusive, anyone who wants to participate in it, can.

No matter how young, old, rich and poor, living or dead. How many holidays are that inclusive that dead people can get involved? Literally one. Halloween.

5. Halloween movies are the best.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, Casper, Mean Girls and High School Musical 3. (That last one was included because that last HSM was a horror show).

6. Halloween is the only real time you can dress your dog up.

(Kmart rubs its hands together!)

There’s a lot worse things we could steal from the US. So, stop whinging about Halloween and get into it. Go dress up as a sexy gas cylinder and have fun!