Nick Made The Best Decision Ever Seen On Reality TV

And so, in the end, the Honey Badger couldn’t commit.

When faced with the choice of two women, Sophie and Brittany, to begin a serious relationship with, Nick Cummins chose neither, shocking the nation and, to all appearances, breaking two hearts.

And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever seen a reality TV star make.

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This opinion is not shared by the entirety of Bachelor fandom. Howls of outrage were heard across the internet when Nick revealed he could not honestly say he wanted to be with either of the finalists. Shameful behaviour, they roared. Manchild, they called him, furious at the anticlimax and sure that it showed Nick was just another douchebag stringing women along and then tossing them aside.

But what are we supposed to be angry at the Honey Badger for, exactly? Not being in love with someone? That seems like a pretty harsh judgment.

There is apparently widespread disbelief that after meeting 28 bachelorettes in the brief space of time that constitutes a Bachelor season, a man could profess himself not to be in love with any of them. “After all the girls who threw themselves at him”, as bachelorette Brittany put, how on earth could he not pick one?

Well, I mean. I personally could name more than 28 women who I’ve met without falling in love with. It’s not THAT unusual, is it? Not everyone you meet will be the love of your life, and that’s true even when it happens on TV. Sadly, it’s even true when the other person is in love with you. It’s unfortunate that life happens that way, but happen it does.

I've also met 28 women I haven't fallen in love with. (Image: Ten)

Or maybe we’re not supposed to be angry that Nick didn’t fall in love with Brittany or Sophie, but that he acted on that absence of passion by turning them both down. Perhaps what we expect a man to do, in his position, is suck it up and lie to the women, and then quietly dump them in a few weeks. Is that a better way to behave? It’s certain that some Bachelors past have done exactly this, and it doesn’t strike me as particularly chivalrous.

Those are the two options for the outraged, really: either Nick should’ve consciously willed himself into falling in love with someone via a hitherto unknown psychological mechanism, or Nick should’ve looked a woman in the eye and lied to her face. Which of these would’ve been preferable?

Sophie and Brittany realise they've both been cut loose. (Image: Ten)

I believe Nick acted in as honourable a fashion as the format of the show he went on made possible. It may be, as some say, that he was constitutionally unsuited to the role of Bachelor in the first place, but I venture to suggest that the experience of being The Bachelor is unique enough that you don’t necessarily know how well you’ll handle it until you’ve gone through it.

Maybe halfway through you might realise it’s not working out, but the thing about signing up for a TV show is, you don’t get to just call the whole thing off. So if, at the end of it all, you find yourself sincerely unable to say you’re fully committed to a relationship… well, isn’t being honest about that the best thing you can do?

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Not that I’d say Nick’s behaviour has been blemish-free throughout the series. For one thing, how did he keep Cat and Romy around for so long, right? And also there was that whole thing where he was clearly in love with Brooke but was too stupid to tell her so even when she told him she was going to leave unless he gave her a tiny little bit of reassurance so she left and he was stuck going to New Caledonia with his second and third choices. That was silly, man: all it would have taken was a little, “Brookie, I’m into you like an emu into Uncle Bert’s wheat field,” and she would’ve hung around. Disappointing.

Fan (and Nick's?) favourite Brooke leaves The Bachelor. (Image: Ten)

But once the Brooke-less die was cast, Nick behaved like a decent bloke, by telling the two remaining bachelorettes that he was not going to enter into a long-term relationship with them. This in contrast to the alternative: telling them he WAS going to enter into a long-term relationship with them, and saying “only joking!” once the cameras were off.

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Because let’s be clear: THAT would’ve been the easy way out. With the eyes of the nation on you, the path of least resistance is just to smile, kiss the pretty lady and pretend.

Everyone would’ve cheered the happy couple and it would’ve been smooth sailing for the Honey Badger. The much more difficult course, the much braver course, was to do exactly what Nick Cummins did: tell the truth. Wouldn’t it be great if all men could be like that?