Tanya Hennessy: Buying A Camel Online And Other Dumb Stuff I've Done Tired

I am tired. Literally always.

I worry for myself because I have no idea how I’m gonna handle kids on top of it all (if that happens) because I’m shattered 100 percent of the time. I wasn’t always this way. I feel like I when I had my 30th birthday, the gift I got was exhaustion and a joy for not going outside.

But I work a lot and I travel a lot. And instead of sleeping like a normal person, I watch 45 episodes of the Kardashians and don’t sleep.

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Post Malone's tattoo under his eyes that reads “always tired’ is one of the most relatable things I’ve ever seen.

The worst thing about lack of sleep is that you become irrational and emotional -- I once bought a camel online. But you also just aren’t functioning at your full potential.

Here are some of the most stupid things I’ve done tired:

  • Bought a hot coffee and a cold bottle of water at a café and promptly chucked the soy latte in my handbag. Wisely, I kept the ~closed~ bottle of water in my hand. (On my way to board an international flight.) Worst.
  • Tried to take my eye make-up off with nail polish remover.
  • Washed my hair with body wash
  • Used Mortein as hairspray
At least I won't get lice. (Image: Getty)
  • Used deodorant as dry shampoo
  • Used deep heat as aloe vera -- I had been drinking AND was tired. Never a good combo.
  • Put a carton of eggs in the dishwasher.
I did always like my eggs poached. (Image: Getty)
  • Put flour in my coffee. It wasn’t as good as sugar.
  • Spread oil over a hot pan with my finger. Ten out of 10 would not recommend.
  • Cried and screamed in a car park because I thought I’d lost my car. It was at home. I’d actually taken the train in that day.
  • Tried to pay for my groceries with my Medicare card. (Does not work.)
What do you mean you don't bulk bill? (Image: Getty)
  • Tried to get into my hotel room with my Medicare card and cried at the hotel staff that their keys were ineffective and I just wanted to “be in my room pantless”.
  • Plugged my wallet into my phone charger. (Again, does not work.)
How are you flat? I charged you for hours! (Image: Getty)
  • Forgot I was on a plane and began singing along to the soundtrack of the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Ten out of ten would recommend, but my fellow passengers probably would not.
  • Ate soap. It’s a long story.
  • Drank liquid detergent. Now, that’s a really long story.

What have you done tired? Add to my insane list in the comments on ten daily's Facebook page.