Sam Burgess Wants You To Think About Football, Not Sexting


Popular and inspirational South Sydney Rabbitohs big guy Sam Burgess is allegedly implicated in a sexting scandal right now, and for obvious reasons he can't talk about it until the NRL Integrity Commission delivers its findings in a day or two.


We know there's a big game on this weekend because a) hello, it's the pointy end of the footy season, and b) because when Burgess fronted the media today, he told everyone repeatedly that GUYS, THERE'S A REALLY BIG GAME ON THIS WEEKEND instead of addressing the who, what, when, where and why of the alleged sexting schemozzle.

Some media outlets this afternoon are saying Burgess has "broken his silence". In truth he said very little.

Burgess' precise words were these:

"We're all stood here talking about something when we should really be focusing on the game in a few days time. We're all looking forward to it as players, we've trained well, and should be looking forward to that."

As it happens, Burgess is in luck. Rugby league fans are indeed very much looking forward to a mouth-watering clash on Saturday between the Roosters and Rabbitohs -- two teams who have been rivals for over 100 years, as Burgess reminded us this mild, sunny Sydney Tuesday.

But before that happens, fans also want to know whether the players they'll watch in said clash are of a certain character. They want to know whether lewd pictures were indeed sent on social media to a young woman, possibly without her consent. That's what the NRL integrity unit is there to reveal.

The timing of Tuesday's press conference was both bizarre and completely normal. Normal because Tuesday is when players typically front the media ahead of a big game.

Bizarre because Burgess was put forward to speak, when he was clearly unable to shed any light on what was -- like it or not -- the main rugby league issue of the week.

Burgess repeatedly said that he had no comment on the sexting controversy, and that he would wait for the "process" to play out. He said he was happy for the integrity unity to "get to the truth" and that he could say nothing further.

This was understandable.

What was much harder to grasp is why Burgess was there saying anything at all. There are plenty of other players who could help whip the media and fans into a lather about the game on the weekend.

When Burgess talked up the game, it seemed like he was deflecting questions. Which, again, was totally understandable. But why have him there at all?

Burgess went on to say he was "happy for the truth to come out" and said that "what hurts me the most is seeing my wife upset".

And then he spoke again about how we should all be concentrating on the footy.