Why It's Time To Stop Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

Things are getting dangerous.

After watching a gazillion episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, after enjoying the memes that were spawned from Kim's very iconic "Can I live?", after getting my life from the ~drama~ of her exposing Taylor Swift on Snapchat, and after sobbing while listening to her recount her horrific 2016 robbery at gunpoint in Paris, I regret to inform you that it is time to Kancel Kim Kardashian.

Here's the thing. I'm sick of Kimberly's shit. Regardless of the small collection of things she's done that are genuinely good, like using her platform to speak on the Armenian genocide, or getting Alice Marie Johnson -- a nonviolent drug offender convicted for life -- pardoned and freed from prison, it's getting to a point where the bad just outweighs the good so drastically that it just doesn't feel worth it to keep up with her anymore.

Just this week, Kim's come under fire twice.

The first time, it was because her and her sisters were casually throwing the term "anorexic" around as a compliment on Instagram.

Anyone who's read a single article on eating disorders published in the past 20 years or so will likely know that anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder, sitting between 18-20% of diagnosed cases.

Anyone who's ever known a person with an eating disorder, or even watched an interview with someone suffering from one, will know that many sufferers describe it as a living hell. For Kim to be gleefully accepting being labelled as "anorexic" as a compliment for all of her 115 million Instagram followers to see, in 2018, is not only misguided, but downright ignorant.

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You'd think she'd know better, not just because she's a woman living in the world, a woman who's under more scrutiny daily than most people will experience in a lifetime, but also because she was already called out for promoting eating disorders three months ago.

Kim was forced to remove an ad promoting an appetite suppressing lollipop from her Instagram after backlash from fans flooded the comments.

Her response? To laugh it off with this fan who edited one of her lipsticks into the place of the lollipop.

The Kardashians -- initially praised for their curvy physiques and apparent body acceptance in a time when the celebrity landscape was littered with the bones of stick-skinny celebs -- have ushered in a new realm of body perfection that includes but is not limited to botox, fillers and lip and butt injections, which they sell to their fans as being the result of "squats" and "pregnancy lips" and sponsored ads on Instagram for waist trainers.

The women praised for bringing curves back into the mainstream have carved an aspirational body type with a higher price tag than ever before, and they're able to kash in by offering a solution -- in waist trainers, vitamins, detox tea and contour palettes -- to a problem they have created.

Kim knows that she has millions of young people who look up to her, who aspire to quite literally embody her, and she consistently sends out harmful messaging around body image to a generation of women who will likely never have the means to achieve the body she's sculpted for herself.

Why? Because she doesn't care.

Moving on to scandal number two, Kim also came under fire this week after implying that the only reason that male model Tyson Beckford wasn't attracted to her was because he was gay.

While Tyson's comments were gross and unnecessary, Kim's response is the kind of immature, vindictive behaviour we've come to expect from this 37-year-old mother of three who spent her Valentine's Day not with her husband Kanye West, but sending out perfumes to all her "haters".

Fans were quick to call her out for reinforcing a homophobic rhetoric that uses a person's sexuality as a punchline.

So far, Kim hasn't responded to the backlash, and she probably won't.

These are just two examples of a long line of missteps that point to a larger problem: Kim Kardashian consistently acts without empathy for others when she speaks, and doesn't listen or care when people try to educate her.

Kim is a great businesswoman and a hard worker who obviously loves her family a lot. It's time for her to shut up, and it's time for us to stop keeping up with her.

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