As Dry July Comes To An End, I’ve Made Just $180. WTF?

Are people just tired of giving?

Dry July is nearly over and I have to say, well this year it was a bit of a (non-alcoholic) fizzer.

I don’t mean the event itself -- Dry July is a wonderful concept, the idea of helping people living with cancer is something that is close to my heart. I have taken part for the last three years, and I will continue to do it every year because I hate cancer. F*** cancer.

Every year as I stock up on Kombucha and herbal tea and pack away the wine glasses and the gin, I am reminded of how awful the disease is, and how it’s so important to find an end to it.

I’m reminded how hard it was to see my own dad go through the hardship of living with cancer during his battle with the disease, and how watching him struggle to walk, to sit at chemo sessions, to stay warm, to even stand up a lot of the time, was heartbreaking.

I’m also reminded how hard it is for me to stop drinking for a month -- my love for red wine knows no bounds. I really only do it for the charity bit -- I would falter at the first hurdle if there were no incentive at all, and goodness knows I have used a few Golden Tickets in my time.

And I’m reminded about the generosity of people who donate to my Dry July page, knowing those things about me, and cheering me on.

But this year I feel like I’m failing -- and I’m not sure why.

The first year I did Dry July I made over $2000; the second, over $1000. This year, as the end of the month approaches, I’m on $180.

It seems that because I’ve banged on about this and asked for money three years in a row, the shine has gone off it somewhat. I’ve bored people with it. And while this is so not a vehicle for me to guilt people into donating, nor is it a vehicle to say aren’t I great for doing this, I do want to know if it’s just me -- or have people become tired of giving?

Normally when I post a reminder on Facebook about the cause, people donate immediately. This year, it’s been sporadic at best. And I don’t know why. Sure, it’s tough out there, there are rising interest rates, people now have children,  there are other charities, other causes… and quite frankly I know I can be really annoying, making it all about me.

I also know people have been deleting Facebook so perhaps I’m preaching to a shrinking audience.

But the thing is it’s really not about me -- or you -- guys. Cancer still exists, the people still have to live with it. I mean, I don’t want the money to go to Italy on holiday or anything -- I’m not a go-fund-me page for my own benefit.

And it’s tax-deductable, for crying out loud.

The true reason I do Dry July is because it makes me feel useful and good to raise money for a cause I believe in. And yes, I feel good about having a month (ish) off the booze.

I still feel good about raising $180 and I know I’ll at least get it to $250 or more before the end of the month. And that WILL help someone living with cancer. But I don't know where all that money is, the extra cash that would make a real difference.

If you can't afford it this year, fine I totally get it and let's talk next July when I'm once again locking the liquor cabinet. If it is that people are simply tired of giving -- to me, or to causes in general -- then I think it's time we wake up and look at the situation here...

After all it’s about raising money for people living with cancer here, and one day that could be any of us.