Should Three Dead Children Be 'Slightly Looked Over'?

Three. Dead. Children. Shame on Craig Kelly.

Unless you watch Sky News after 5pm when actual journalists head home and leave the partisan ghouls of Australia’s small screen to screech maniacally into the night for a viewership of tens and tens of angry conservatives, chances are you’ve never heard of Craig Kelly.

He’s a Liberal Party backbencher representing the New South Wales electorate of Hughes.

His latest totally deranged opinion has upset a lot of people and propelled him into the mainstream in a big, sad way.

The latest political shit storm in which we find ourselves began when Kelly insisted the world should move on from Russia’s role in shooting a missile at a commercial airliner over Ukraine in 2014. Yep.

Craig Kelly speaks on Russia's role in the MH17 tragedy.  (Image: Sky News Twitter)

Russia’s involvement in the barbaric downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 has been made painfully clear. International investigations have determined with either very little or absolutely no doubt that the country provided missiles to rebels in their war with Ukraine.

Some 300 people were watching a movie, flipping through an in-flight magazine, having a kip or ordering another glass of vino when the Russian missile tore through their plane and brought their lives to a sudden end. Russia and the murderous rebels it backed haven’t been brought to justice. The families of those on board, including 38 Australians, have no closure.

But that should be “slightly looked over” for the sake of international diplomacy, walking disaster Kelly told -- shock horror -- Sky News yesterday.

His baffling, barely coherent comments were in response to a heartfelt Facebook post from Anthony Maslin, whose three children were on that plane and were killed.

Anthony Maslin's public Facebook post on the fourth anniversary of his children's death. IMAGE: supplied

Can you imagine? Your three children. Suddenly gone. Dead.

Three. Dead. Children.

Kelly eventually made a very half-assed apology for any offense he might’ve caused. And predictably, he insisted his comments were taken out of context. It’s just staggering how often total idiots seem to be taken out of context. Staggering.

Here are his exact remarks so you can judge for yourself:

“So what is best for the continued future of the world? And it is best, in my opinion, that the leader of the USA and the leader of Russia at least have a good talking relationship.

“And if that means some of the things that Russia have gotten away with in the past have to be slightly looked over, well, I’m sorry, that’s the price that we have to pay sometimes to have good relations going forward.

“We can’t fix things that happened in the past, we’ve got to make sure that the relationships between Russia and the US going forward are the best they can possibly be.”


Once again, those aren’t some broad comments about nothing in particular. That’s a specific response to a grieving father’s plea that a horrific injustice not be forgotten.

Three dead children. Almost 300 other innocent lives. That’s the “price we have to pay” apparently.

The bar in Canberra has been dangerously low for a long time, but Kelly has ripped it away completely. We deserve better than mediocre stupidity. It’s high time we begin insisting on it. And we can make a bloody good start by insisting on Kelly’s resignation.

Three. Dead. Children.

Shame on him.