'It Was A First Date On A Weeknight … Yada, Yada, Yada … Swingers Party!'

How a simple 'yada yada' led my friend to a swingers party.

Yada Yada definition: Used to indicate that further details are predictable or contextually evident from what has preceded.

Across the weekend a friend of mine told me she had been on a first date on a weeknight, which was yada, yada’d into a swinger’s party.

My friend, who is a complete online dating dilettante, she started up a profile on a dating app, and met a few different guys who she was not crazy about.

On Thursday of last week she met Mr X in a bar in Surry Hills. She had previously chatted with him online on said dating app, he seemed pretty regular, a smart, corporate type -- so vanilla in fact she considered standing him up on that fateful Thursday night. After all -- it was a week night, she was tired, and she hadn’t washed her hair since her last gym-sesh. She wasn’t too sure about Mr X and was kind of more interested in watching the next episode of Younger on Stan … despite all of this, she went.

Over a glass of Pino, he revealed he was interested in going to a swinger’s party down the road later on in the evening if she was keen.

“Yada, yada, unremarkable conversation, swingers party, yada, yada.”

In between an arbitrary question about her job, and what breed of dog she owned he swung in the swinger’s party. An expert parallel parker of the awkward question variety, of the yada yada tool and apparently of the remarkably convincing variety …. because she decided to give the swinger’s party a whirl! Why not? Just an average Thursday night in Sydney!

Of course she wasn’t keen on participating in the party – but she had never been propositioned regarding a swinger’s party, the opportunity to enter the inner sanctum - there are many puns I could insert here but I’ll refrain-lay before. Go on, she told herself, give it a spin.

… yada, yada …they turned up at some nothing place in Surry Hills, rung a seemingly basic doorbell, and got escorted up two flights of stairs to the party itself.

From e-dating novice to swinger party attendee in under half an hour! Record, or the subtle art of the yada yada in action?

As we discussed the night – and the reasons why Mr X might have propositioned her on their first encounter and we had many theories. It seemed an odd thing to do? After all, even Christian Grey took Anastasia out for a meal pre-revelation of his red room. Perhaps it was Mr X’s norm? “Yada, yada … swinger’s club” had worked for him before, and might work again.

Another theory was, he had always wanted to go to this swinger’s club, but couldn’t turn up as a single, an unhinged, non-couple type - this might be his one opportunity to enter the inner sanctum? The theories abounded in colour and possibility.

We might never know -- his yada, yada skills might be of the truly epic variety?

He might be yada yada’ing people into all sorts of things!


To swing or not to swing, non?

To yada or not to yada?