Knocking Steve Smith For Enjoying Some Me-Time Is Not Cricket

I’m going into bat for Steve Smith.

Not over the March ball tampering scandal, which saw the Australian cricket captain suspended for 12 months, alongside his vice-captain David Warner and emerging opener Cameron Bancroft, but over the pap shots which surfaced today of the world #1 batsman in a New York Bar.

Having a quiet beer. By himself!

And, wait for it, he looked at apartments while window shopping real estate agents, wandered down the magical streets and shopped. Alone.

I’m here to tell you not to feel sorry for Smith, be envious rather because doing things by yourself is #goals.

Cue Alicia Keys: There’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York.

And Smith is living the dream.

The run machine probably thought the concrete jungle was the perfect spot to indulge in a quiet pleasure and anonymously enjoy a drink at the Nancy Whiskey Pub in Tribeca – alas, pictures and video were captured by an onlooker. Turns out Smith was wrong, but the idea was right.

Terms like 'sad sight', 'desolate' and 'lonely' accompanied the pictures in print. This kind of language can be damaging.  Why do we assume people going about their business or activities by themselves are lonely?

"Me-time is #goals." (Image: Getty Images)

Now in my early 30s, I revel in my own company, but when I was younger it wasn’t something I was content with. I was restless, and yearned to be around people all the time. Today? No, thanks! I love spending time with friends at home or out and about, don’t get me wrong, but 'me-time' is most of the time. I’m more than OK with that and I own it.

There’s nothing better than going for coffee or brunch by yourself and reading the papers uninterrupted or shopping on your “Pat Malone”, at your own pace, whatever that may be. Hell, I’m heading away this weekend. By myself! (My new puppy would be coming if the hotel allowed it).

Some get anxious at the mere thought of going to the movies by themselves. Try it, it’s great. And sharing popcorn, that has more salt smothered on it than your weekly recommended intake and costs the equivalent of a utility bill, is seriously overrated.

Me-time perk: snacks all to myself.  (Image: Getty Images)

Health and wellness experts recommend 20 minutes of me-time a day, whether that’s a walk, a beverage or meditation – the options are endless. A little timeout has real benefits for the mind and body – it’s good for your happiness, mental health, replenishing your energy stores and encourages a whole host of other health perks.

So, what are people scared of? Strangers assuming they’re a loner or a loser with no friends or nobody to enjoy a social outing with? Maybe being papped or labelled.

It's nothing to feel embarrassed about – you do you.

The only thing a solo activity should say is: I’m comfortable in my own skin and company.

And to you Steve Smith, I raise my bat.