How One Misplaced Lucking Fetter Screwed My Entire Day

Damn my fat fingers for adding an extra letter to a website.

Has one letter ever screwed your day?

Well it did mine.

Recently I decided to donate $500 to charity. (I’m not super rich so this was a lot of cash money for me). But it was for suicide prevention/awareness which I’m (and you should) be really passionate about. So I decided to give as much as I could.

The charity name was Tread Together. It was for a 24-hour treadmill challenge. I hate moving so I donated money in lieu of cardio.

Problem was, I donated the $500 to Thread Together -- a charity that supports homeless people.

I stuffed ONE BLOODY LETTER and now I have no idea what to do! How do I ask a charity for my money back?

I have to either fork out another $500 for the correct charity or ask for my money back from a charity? How can I do that!? You can’t ask a charity for your money back! They need it just as much. Oh God… I found myself in a real ethical wasteland.

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The thing is, Tread Together is expecting my donation. Honestly, I was so mad at myself. It was one stupid letter and now I have no idea what to do.

Damn my fat fingers for adding an extra letter to a website.

Me on the treadmill. (Image: Getty)

Thankfully the charity Thread Together are legends and offered my donation back. I decided to give $150 to them and give the remaining $350 to the Tread Together guys.

Best possible result.

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But I will tell you the old forgetting/changing/adding one letter has foiled me before. I once was in a clock shop and texted my mum to tell her, but I omitted the L from clock.

“Mum, I’m at this amazing cock shop! You would love it! Want to see pics?”

“No, darling.”

Clock shop. Fairly sure it's a quarter to eight. (Image: Getty)

Funnily enough, months later she asked me if I wanted a coke via text but the ol’ one letter mistake got her and she wrote, “Do you want a cock?”… I was single, so it was hard for me to answer.

Oh, and there was the time I Googled duck videos at work and spelt duck with an f and ended up in HR.

After sharing my one letter fail on Facebook, I had so many people say it was common. Dayarne said it happened to a newspaper journo in a small town where she grew up. “They published an article about the local ‘pubic school’ not public school."

I love a good pubic school.

Jodie said it happened to her too: “I emailed someone 'Do you know anything about the below job"... and missed out the 'e'”. She didn’t get the job.

My advice? Spell check, slow down, and if you stuff up -- apologise. A lot.

And make sure you donate to both of these ducking amazing charities!

The post first appeared on June 1, 2018.