What It's Like Being A Celebrity Pooch On International Dog Day

Those humans just need to remember that we dogs are really the TOP DOGS when it comes to public appearances.

Happy International Dog Day, everyone!

I'm Banjo the pampered Spoodle and this is my Dog Blog.

All my fellow doggy friends always think my life as Jono Coleman's dog on Studio 10 must be a total breeze, with VIP puppy pals and launches and non-stop treats . . . Well I'm here to say, "NO, it isn't!"

I get dragged into Studio 10 at undogly hours when I should be in the park with the other canine cousins, and I get pulled around by Jono for photo shoots and cute pictures with the Studio 10 crew.

I do love Sarah Harris though. She always gives me treats and smells lovely. Joe Hildebrand on the other hand is a bit of a worry. Once he actually stood on my tail and never even said sorry. Nothing. Not even a pat on the head. That kind of behaviour doesn't go down well with us "furry family friends". As you know, we dogs have very good memories for treats and mistreats . . . if you get my drift?


I do love a bit of pampering from the TEN makeup ladies, they are the best and always sneak me a few treats also. Once they even gave me a bath and makeover for one of Jono's silly TV skits. Honestly, if it wasn't for ME, Banjo the cute sidekick, he would have been sidelined years ago.

Those humans just need to remember that we dogs are really the TOP DOGS when it comes to public appearances. When I'm not making Jono look better on TV or even on his radio show, I'm the humble Spoodle that gets the most attention at our local park.

All the other dogs hassle me for showbiz gossip, like, "What's Tim Bailey the weather man's poodle really like?" Or "Does Ita Buttrose's dog Cleo really have bad breath, and does Doctor Chris Brown really have warm hands and a great bedside manner?"

But I am really very careful what I say in the park, as we all know some dogs have very loose leads and lose lips, and sell stories to the PAPPS and they sometimes end up in the tabloids like NO IDEA magazine, and I only speak to classy mags like DOGUE Australia.

I have a very busy weekend coming up with International Dog Day events and an exclusive chat with The Project and Lisa Wilkinson. Plus a keynote speech for Dogs and Bitches at the trendy BARK club on Sunday.

Anyway, I'd better leave it there as I have to take chubby Jono for a walk in the park and make sure he has some "poo bags" with him in case he needs to clean up after me or my furry family.

Then it's off to STUDIO 10 with Jono to listen to him make corny jokes with Hilderbrand all day, and tell boring stories about his life in UK media before ME!

Anyway, this is BANJO the trusty and brainy Spoodle saying, "Woof Woof" till next time. And as we say in dog world, keep your nose clean, and be careful where you stick it . . .

Now, where did I hide that bone?

Jonathan Coleman and Banjo the Pampered Spoodle. Part of radio and tv duo Jono and Dano. Host Talking Lifestyle with Jono Coleman, My Generation and now on Studio 10