James Norman

Why Melbourne Is The Only City In Australia I Would Live In

It's only been four short months since the Victoria state election, but the results from last weekend's NSW election make the two states seem worlds apart.

Jean Flynn

The REAL Reason Gladys Berejiklian Won The NSW Election

Dear Gladys Berejiklian,


Why It's Not OK That You Forgot World Poetry Day

Last Thursday was World Poetry Day but it flew under the radar because Waleed interviewed ScoMo. I'm sure that's the only reason it got missed.

Jarryd Bartle

Are There Health Benefits In Tripping Out Of Your Mind?

For decades, psychedelics such as LSD, magic mushrooms, mescaline and DMT have been depicted as gateway drugs to madness, but recent research seems to indicate they may actually help keep us sane.

Brandon Jack

The Big Difference Between The 'Sexual Abuse' Of Dusty And Tayla

The aftermath of the Tayla Harris situation has been fantastic.

Erin Lyons

The 4 Slang Words You Need To Banish From Your Vocabulary Forever

Remember when Gretchen Wieners famously tried to make ‘fetch’ happen and it was definitely not going to happen on Regina George’s watch?

Amal Awad

A Lack Of Authentic Storytelling Is Driving Hatred And Division

In 2014, prolific director Ridley Scott’s biblical epic "Exodus: Gods and Kings", was criticised for its predominantly white casting.

Sam Dastyari

Why Federal Politicians Will Be Watching Today's State Election Like Hawks

It was while inhaling a succulent Chinese chicken that my mate Graham Richardson reminded me that “politics is better than sex and almost as good as lunch”.

Kathy Parker

Why A Routine Trip To The GP Leaves Me Mentally And Emotionally Shaken

“Just relax,” he says.

Katie Horneshaw

Stop Ragging On Your Mates. It's An Aussie Tradition That's Damaging Our Men.

There’s an article at The Good Men Project titled ‘Why do Friends Give Each Other a Hard Time?’

Luke McManus

Removing Tayla Harris' Photo Penalised Fans And Gave The Trolls A Free Kick

The trolls and cowards may have huffed and puffed and beat their puny little chests, but the pros and we grownups ultimately won the day.

Lisa Wilkinson

Why Jacinda Ardern Should Be Prime Minister Of Australia And New Zealand

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment so many of us started to fall in love with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Alex Greenwich

Are Young Voters Pissed Off Enough With #Auspol To Decide The NSW Election?

Inaction on climate change. Lack of affordable housing. Music festival closures. Strip searches. Lockouts. A blanket refusal to consider pill testing...

Lana Hirschowitz

Separate Honeymoons Are Now A Thing. Am I The Only One Who Thinks That's Bonkers?

There are three things that stand out when I think back to my honeymoon.

Ben Pobjie

The #Eggboy Debate Proves In 2019 It's Never Okay To Be Wrong

Possibly the wisest thing I’ve ever heard was said by a friend of mine (I won’t name her: you don’t know her anyway), who made the simple statement: “We have to let people be wrong".

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