James Norman

What You've Forgotten About Julian Assange

Before founding WikiLeaks, Julian Assange was a pioneer in the emerging computer hacking scene in Melbourne in the late 1980s.

Thomas Baudinette

Why Young Aussies Are Obsessed With Korean Pop Culture

A band you may have never heard of has recently topped Australian streaming charts, breaking records and changing the shape of the Australian musical landscape forever.

Kathy Parker

Australia Has No Business Helping Rebuild Notre Dame

Like most people yesterday, I watched as flames engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral, overcome with shock, disbelief, horror and helplessness.


4 Basic Bible Verses That Suggest Israel Folau Doesn't Practise What He Preaches

This has become a controversy of Biblical proportions.


Bill Shorten Fails To Answer A Question On Electric Cars -- Five Times In A Row

ANALYSIS: Pulling answers from politicians is like extracting teeth from a flailing shark.

Jane Caro

If You Get An Abortion In Texas You Could Soon Face The Death Penalty

A Texas State Representative -- Republican Tony Tinderholt -- has proposed a bill that could see women in that state who have an abortion charged with homicide.

Lisa Portolan

Would Romeo Have Swiped Left If He'd Met Juliet On Tinder?

Romantic love. It’s a curly one.

Kumar Yogeeswaran

Do You Know A Casual Racist? Dismissing It Is Dangerous -- Here's Why

In the aftermath of the Christchurch terror attacks a month ago, New Zealanders are grappling with difficult, albeit necessary, questions about discrimination and casual racism.


Game Of Thrones Is Not As Good As Everyone Thinks It Is

I have little doubt that I’m going to cop a lot of hate for saying this, but...

Sophia Hatzis

This Is The First Year I'm Not Frightened Of Easter

When I tell people I dread Easter every year, I'm met with some questionable looks.

Myles Davies

My Name Is Myles And I Live My Life Like High Fidelity

It starts with a single, then a cheeky EP or two, pretty soon you’re hooked on LPs and that’s it… you’re a crate digger, a vinyl hoarder, a record collector.

Ben Pobjie

Budgie Smugglers Should Be Banned. Not Even Jude Law Can Pull Them Off.

When someone asks me, “Do you support a ban on budgie smugglers?” I don’t even hesitate.


My Story Will Make You Run And Check Your Nuts

It was about 4 pm on Friday October 20, 2017.

Waleed Aly

Scott Morrison Said No More Leadership Spills, But Don't Hold Your Breath

It says a lot about the recent history of Australian politics that the Prime Minister commenced his election campaign by insisting he’d actually see out his term.


Why Splendour In The Grass Should Be Your Next Family Holiday

Three-year-olds love mosh pits. At their eye-line, it’s not a sea of bobbing heads, it’s a forest of legs to play catch in. This is a lesson you learn when you take your family on vacation to Splendour In The Grass.

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