Clementine Ford

There Has Been No Greater Pain In My Life Than Watching My Mother Starve To Death

Historic laws that will assist terminally ill adults to die have come into force in Victoria.

Valentina Todoroska

In Defence of Kim Kardashian West's New Body Makeup Range

There are many things I don't agree with Kim Kardashian West on.

Jim Stanford

The Gig Economy Is So Much Bigger And More Complicated Than You Think

Great attention and concern has been generated in recent years about the ‘gig economy’: the many thousands of individuals who perform various tasks and jobs for pay (‘gigs’), organised through web-based apps and platforms.

Megan Hustwaite

The Simple Solution To The AFL's OTT Fan Behaviour Crackdown

“Footy ain’t what it used to be.”

Phil Barker

Men Are Finally Learning What Women Have Known Since Ever

Men are finally learning one more thing women have known for a long time: it’s almost impossible to juggle long work hours and successful parenthood.

Christopher Pyne

What If Donald Trump Is Right?

I know it's de rigueur to diss US President Trump and assume that everyone who matters gets that President Trump is a buffoon.

Jarryd Bartle

Is It Time To Let The Manson Family Out Of Prison?

Leslie Van Houten, a convicted murderer and former follower of infamous cult leader Charles Manson, has had her parole vetoed by California’s Governor for the third time earlier this month.


If You Ask People To Do Climate Change Maths Their Answers Depend On Their Politics

In an ideal world, people would look at issues with a clear focus only on the facts. But in the real world, we know that doesn’t happen often.


'Didn't Meet Expectations': Fittler's Brutally Honest Latrell Mitchell Feedback

You've got to hand it to NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler. The man does NOT mince his words.


6 Key Questions About Adani Answered Now That It's Definitely Happening

There is now nothing standing between Indian mining giant Adani and the coal buried in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.


'Suck On That One' If You Don't Like Sam Kerr's Post-Match Comments

Do you know what makes a great leader? In a word: authenticity.

Ben Pobjie

Australians All Let Us Discuss If Our Anthem Is Any Bloody Good Or Not

Ah, the national anthem has reared its ugly head again -- and I use that somewhat cruel terminology advisedly.


The French Open Proved One Foul Thing About Sport

I loved the French Open. Not for the tennis, not for the spectacle but because it proved beyond doubt that you can play sport without spitting.

Christopher Pyne

The Overreaction To Those Chinese Warships Was Ignorant Paranoia

There was more than a touch of paranoia, ignorance and ‘playing to the peanut gallery’ about last week’s reaction to the People’s Liberation Army Navy vessels' visit to Australia.

Kathy Parker

I Don't Know If The Government Is Spying On Me, But My Family Definitely Is

Confession: I am terrified of technology.

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