A Survival Guide For Dealing With Families In Isolation

Here are some top tips for surviving your family during isolation

Okay, sure, we all love our families, but what happens when you’re stuck inside with them for weeks, maybe even months? Then those families become like that annoying roommate we’ve inevitably all had. You know the one, who passive-aggressively leaves post-it notes about that coffee cup you forgot to clean?

The inevitable family fight, via

Sure, our families can be wonderful emotional support during this pandemic, but that support can sometimes fall apart like a rickety bridge. We’re all feeling the weight of the world right now, so of course we’re going to have the odd bluey. Maybe even ironically about whether we should all watch another episode of ‘Bluey.’ But don’t worry, we’ve got an easy survival guide to get you through those familial tough times…

Tip #1: Have a family meeting: Not one of those Meet The Parents family meetings, where we hook someone up to lie a detector, but a calm sit-down as a family unit. Identify possible problems, what’s expected of each member, any tasks and behaviour that needs to be taken care of. Everybody gets a say! Even the dog, if it can learn to verbalise its grievances.

Tip #2: Maintain a routine: While some households already have a routine of yelling at each other in two-hour intervals, this apparent “routine” will need some adjusting. A healthy routine can include a family game of Twister that begins every evening at 7:30pm (after The Project obviously), or morning meditation, or cooking lunch as a family. This consistency and certainty will provide a sense of comfort.

A comforted family, via

Tip #3: Give each other space: Sure family time is important, but so is alone time. We don’t always want to hear our mums talking about the latest Coronavirus infection rate or that Tiger King guy. Some quiet space is important for us to realign with ourselves, or maybe even participate in Chris Hemsworth’s online exercise class, or watch a shirtless Hemsworth workout as we splash our faces with water. Whatever keeps you calm and centred.

For more Hot Tips on keeping sane while in isolation with your family, be sure to tune into The Project tonight. You can also visit Relationships Australia NSW to see their Family Continuity Plan. Sadly, there’s no mention of Chris Hemsworth in there. And on Monday, a new hotline will be launching- Time 2 Talk - a free telephone support service offering advice, problem solving, and guidance around a range of COVID -19 related challenges for individuals, couples, families, households and teams. The number is 1300 022 966.

Until then, our best tip is to breathe, relax your shoulders, and tell anybody who gets too close to take a step back!