Prince William Wants To 'Do His Bit' And Rejoin Air Ambulance

Prince William has expressed his interest in getting back into the pilot's seat to help with the virus.

In these trying times when everybody needs to step up and help out even Prince William has said he wants to “do his bit”.  Prince William worked at Air Ambulance for two years and according to an unnamed source has expressed an interest in getting back in the pilot’s seat to help out in the middle of this crisis.

Back in 2017 Prince William had to step down from the East Anglian Air Ambulance because his full time Royal duties ended up getting in the way. With the world gripped by the coronavirus the second-in-line would like to be on the frontline.

A source close to the Prince told the Express that “William has been seriously considering returning as an air ambulance pilot to help in the current pandemic.” Which, sounds good, but also sounds a touch non-committal like somebody RSVPing to a party saying “I would love nothing more than to attend”, they haven’t said they’re not coming but you can tell a ‘but’ is coming soon. (Remember getting invited to parties?)

“He knows the whole country is doing its bit and he wants to help.” The source said. “But it’s complicated as he was originally grounded for the job so that he could become a senior working royal.” Ah, there’s the ‘but’.

It sounds like this source found a nice way to say “Prince William isn’t actually going to be flying for Air Ambulance but boy would he like to”. Like when someone says “oh I would love to go and get ice for the party but I already promised I would help wipe the dishes”, there was absolutely no way you were going to get ice, but you want to seem like you’re the sort of person would help out. (Remember getting ice?)

If he does go back to work at Air Ambulance not only would it be good for the country but it would also be a good way to really rub it in Harry’s face that he’s definitely the favourite grandson.