Is This The Perfect Online Party App?

It better be good, I already have a pretty wild time on ‘Words with friends’.

With social distancing measures in place, we are all having to spend a lot more time indoors. Sadly that means you can no longer head over to your best buds crib and bust some moves in his kitchen. House parties (for the time being) are being put on hold.


No more of these sweet moves.


But fear not party people, there is a way you can enjoy all the fun of a building blowout, while still keeping a safe distance. Just take your backyard bash online with the app ‘Houseparty’.


Celebrations are back, baby!


Launched in 2016 and described on their site as a ‘face to face social network’, Houseparty lets you hang out with up to eight mates, where you can all video chat and play games. You can set-up your own party or see which parties have already started and that you’d like to join.


So, you can do nearly anything you can do at a regular house party. Chat with people in the kitchen? You can do that. Wait an hour to use the toilet? Sure, if you want to keep the experience authentic. Accidentally knock over a vase of flowers? Of course you can, but you’ll only have yourself to blame. You can do all that; minus being in the same room or touching.


Don’t touch yourself either.. that’s just gross.


The only thing Houseparty is missing are some extra features to tailor the experience to a specific party. Here are my suggestions to help the app adapt to some different party situations...


B&S ball edition: it’s just the regular app but it has Bundy and coke tally and includes the sound of Utes revving in the background the whole time.


Awkward family dinner edition: the party has to include one member of your extended family you haven’t seen in ten years and you can’t log off until someone starts yelling.


Where did everyone go edition: you start your own party, go to the bathroom and then when you come back everyone has already joined other parties. Actually, turns out this feature already exists, it happened to me last night.