Is Now The Perfect Time To Get Back In The Garden?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes

If you want to help stop the spread of Covid-19, do the right thing; stay indoors as best you can. Sure, pop down to the shops to grab your mountain dews or take a quiet walk around the street waving at people form a safe distance, but the rest of the time hang out in your home. Heck, get your money’s worth, rent or mortgage is what most people spend the majority of our weekly income, so now you can finally enjoy the damn thing.

So now you’re spending more time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to polish off your shovels and hoes, and get out in the garden. Tino Carnevale from ABC’s Gardening Australia reckons it’s nothing but positives to come out of a spot of horticulture, he told the ABC Radio Hobart…

"It's not just the produce you're going to get, it's the calming effect,"
Look how calm she is

In terms of what to plants he recommends to chuck in the ground, looks like spinach, lettuce or any other leafy green is your best bet.

"There's lots of leafy greens you can put in, spinach is perfect timing for that."
The spinach will make you dance

But it’s not just people in Australia keen to get their green thumbs out. Over in the US the plant nursery business is absolutely booming. Owner of the Two Dog Nursery in California: Jo Anne Trigo told the LA Times.

“It’s the rebirth of the victory garden… We’re doing 50 orders a day; every time I walk in the house to get a drink of water there are six more orders to print.’
Has Grover ever been wrong?

So if you want to enjoy the outdoors and become just a little bit more self-sufficient start planting some seeds!