Good News If You’re Stuck At Home, Here’s A Pub That Comes To You!

Drinking home alone is now guilt-free!

For English punters who miss the pub: worry no more!! There is a shining light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, because the pub is coming to them.

Three pubs, Blackhorse Beer Mile brewery bar, The Collab in Walthamstow, and Taproom in Haggerston, are now offering a “Pub In A Box”. For  the bargain price of only £25, thirsty units can get a delivery including beers, glasses, beer mats, some snackies, and even a music quiz and playlists.

It sounds like a great idea. Perhaps if they wanted to offer a premium box, to really replicate the experience they could include some coffee cans filled with ciggie butts to leave outside your front door, and a ziplock bag full of soggy urinal cakes.

We would love to see this rolled out here In Australia. Of course over here you’d be lucky to get a single pot of beer for that price, but our version could include a $2 steak, a mini pokies machine, and a playlist of drunk NRL players yelling across the bar.

This system could translate well to other businesses too. You could have a cafe in a box, with a smashed avo, latte, delivered in a designer milk crate for $200. Or a nightclub in a box, with an espresso martini, a hand-held metal detector, and a mixtape of top 40 dance remixes from 3 years ago. Or even a Pizza restaurant in a box! It could be a box that’s delivered with a pizza inside and… ok that might already exist.

In a tough time it’s good to see businesses still able to survive and accommodate their customers, by thinking creatively, or as one might say: thinking….. OUTSIDE THE BOX!!

Ahhhhhh, I’ll show myself out.