Man Stockpiles 17,700 Hand Sanitisers For Re-Sale

Noah Colvin can’t sell 17,700 bottles of hand sanitiser after Amazon crackdown

A man in America, Noah Colvin, bought 17,700 bottles of hand sanitiser with the intention of selling them on Amazon at a profit. He drove over 2,000 kilometres across Tennessee, stocking up on not only hand sanitiser, but also sanitary wipes.

However, Amazon has cracked down on pandemic price gouging, resulting in them suspending his account. So ironically, he can’t clean his hands of all this hand sanitiser.

In total, Amazon has removed hundreds-of-thousands of listings from people trying to sell hand sanitiser and respiratory masks. It’s all part of a coordinated effort to prevent people from stockpiling, and taking away much-needed supplies from those in need.

According to the New York Times, Matt Colvin said, “It’s been a huge amount of whiplash.”

Although, some might say whiplash seems appropriate for someone trying to sell bottles of hand sanitiser for up to $70. In other words, it looks like hand sanitiser can’t kill all the germs.

Now that Amazon has shut him down, he’s got nowhere to sell these 17,700 bottles of hand sanitiser. Think we can all agree that the most financially viable thing for him to do is to have 500 children.