Forget Beer On Tap, This Town Had Wine In Their Taps

This small Italian town had wine pouring out of their taps thanks to a winery malfunction.

As we all know, Northern Italy has been struck by the Coronavirus, so it’s about time there was some good news for them. Residents of the Italian town of Castelvetrano finally had a reason to celebrate.

Earlier in the week, they turned on their faucets and realised they had been gifted with an outpouring of red wine. And no, not your generic goon bag quality wine, but delicious Italian Lambrusco.

It was all thanks to a malfunction at a local winery, which caused 1,000 litres of wine to seep into the town’s water pipes. For now, let’s forget about the economic damage to the winery, so we can enjoy this story. We deserve nice things!


The deputy mayor of the town, Giorgia Mezzacqui said, “At a time where we have very little to smile about, I'm glad we brought some levity to others.” She then rushed home to take care of some “personal matters.”

It took some time for residents to realise what was happening. But kids started getting a little suspicious when their parents were taking 6-hour showers.

This is either a happy accident, or a very elaborate ploy to get everybody in this town to self-isolate. Either way, bring on the free wine!