Would You Ever Celebrate Your Birthday At Target?

Nothing screams of birthday vibes like a retail store chain.

An 8-year-old girl in America decided to celebrate her birthday at Target. That’s right, the retail chain Target. Not to be confused with a fun place to go play archery.

Hosting birthday parties is not a service offered by Target, not even for its own employees. But the manager agreed to the event.

The girl’s Auntie Tweeted about the party, which has since gone viral, with over 220,000 likes. So no doubt the manager will be getting a pay rise for his foresight.

Special Target children’s uniforms were made, along with name tags made by the manager. They even had a scavenger hunt where they had to source items throughout the store and place it back afterwards, because there’s nothing more fun than performing free labour on your birthday. If the store wants to capitalise even more, they should’ve also organised a scavenger hunt to find shoplifters.

Target might need to also start getting creative with their games. May we suggest scrapping Pin the Tail On The Donkey, and replacing it with Pin The Name Tag On The Employee? Or having a pinata filled with electronic appliances?

As the party guests left, security did still have to inspect their lolly bags. It’s protocol!

No word yet where she’s going to be having her next birthday party. Perhaps Beaurepairs? Or the stock room of Athletes Foot?

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